Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crazy for Hyun Joong - Part 2

Day 2.

The event was held outside Pavilion, from Bukit BIntang. If you are familiar with Pavilion, it's the wide space at La Bodega towards the Loaf.

So day 2 came. This time I was alone. I'm glad I met sha, so i can plan to "bump" into her at Pavilion. She texted me around 9 i think (i cant remember exactly what time) she said she is ready to go out. I was like WHAT? *cries* i haven't even took my bath yet. Then I packed my bags for the little get away with my friends, and getting ready. It was around 10 I think. I didn't plan to go too early. My plan was to be there 12pm the earliest as I already given my name to the fanclub to join their "queue". Then Sha texted me and said that people were already started queuing! I was suprised and got a little bit kan cheong and got ready as fast as I could and I went out of the house around 10 something. I havent had my breakfast yet, luckilly after I parked I went to buy some buns and water, raincoat.. umbrella and some tibdits..just in case.

When I reached the area, this was what I found:

This was actually taken a little bit later.. but the crowd more or less the same

At that moment, I thought to myself, am I really going to do this? Am I really gonna sit here all day? The event was scheduled to start at 5pm. Now it's about 11am. Then Sha came and found me and we talked a little bit. Sha & her friend was also sitting in queue. So I thought, ok, let's just try. Sha sat with me for awhile, trying to make me comfortable, which I thank you. If you weren't there, I don't think I went through it you know. Then after sitting there for awhile, more people came and I thought hey, Im not the only crazy one here. When the line were separated, for those under the RM50 category and RM300. I decided to let go my place at the fanclub and sit with the RM300 people. I think Im among the first 10 in the queue. We were informed that the first 200 person under the RM300 category will be given a special zone to stand. That was what I was aiming.

the line behind me.. so i was glad i came earlier, ya know?
the line in front
I was here

So I thought, what the heck, I'm already here, let's just get through it. The people in my line were pretty cool people and we talked and made friends. I sat with a 17 year old girl, who was on her break from SPM. A really sweet girl. Around Zohor time, i asked the girls in front of me to keep our places and went for prayers. After we came back, it has started drizzling. I was thinking again.. am I for real? But we already waited for about 3 hours, so what was some rain? We took out our umbrellas and sat there. As Im writing here, I still can't believe that I actually went through this.

Fans with umbrellas.

Then around 2:30pm, TFS called for the registration & doorgift. We were sitting in the line and didnt want to gave up our line but the TFS staff were kind enough to ensure that we keep our line, so she brought us to the door gift counter. We got a poster and a face mask each and we got our VIP stamp on our arms. So much for a VIP.

the so called VIP

My friend Sha waiting in her lucky winners line
me with the doorgift poster

Now all we have to do was wait. It was already past 3pm, so i was thinking what's 2 hours more. i was comfortable with the girls Im with, so it was kinda fun.

Then around 4 + they gathered us around and preparing us to go inside the special zone area. we found out that only those with RM300 postcard can enter into the area. Poor the RM50 ppl who have waited since morning. At this point, I was glad that I had the RM300 postcard. At least, I got to see him a little closer.. I may not be able to see him face to face but it beats being those at the back. So we were "let loose" into the special zone area. At this point also i was quite disappointed as we were mixed with those who were not shoppers of the RM300 category. I wont say anything but I just think that it was unfair as it was a TFS shopper event. We dug our money and bought RM300 worth of products, at least show us some special privilege. They should have allow the first 200 in first, then give the rest to who ever.

Anyway, I was tired already and seriously i was not in the mood already. People were pushing and it was stuffy and super hot. Some girls beside me were those hyper types and kept screaming. I've been to quite a number of concerts but I never get annoyed like this. Maybe I was moody and tired too so probably I got easily agitated that day. Seriously at this time, I thought to myself, WHY AM I HERE? I was alone (i know i met nice people here) but I was alone. When we stood there, we were on our own. We were already separated. I was like 4-5 rows from the barricade. As time went on, I was pushed further back. I was too lazy to fight with these people anymore. So I just thought I just get what I can. HJ actually came a little bit earlier than 5pm which i was grateful.

My view. erk

erm i was here. >.<

Crowd went crazy of course.. but as he went on stage he was concerned with the crowds on the left side of the stage. He actually gestured "stop" with his hand because he didnt want any unfortunate event to happen. As i understand, the barricade that side moved as the crowd were pushing. That was my fave moment of the entire event. hehehe the always-caring side of HJ.
He was telling the fans not to push

My friend sha getting his autograph on stage

After I went to take a breather... more air here.. look how many people kept me away from HJ hahahah

I actually took some vids of his arrival but at that chaotic moment I deleted some of the vids accidentally. My friend Sha went on stage (yes she was one of the lucky winners) took some of her pics and after that, I went to the back of the crowd. It was too stuffy for me. There weren't much to see anyway, HJ came on at first, and launched a new product, then the autograph session, took photos with the lucky winners, autograph session again.. then said goodbye. I did get a pretty good fancam for the last bit and caught his only english words "Thank you very much, I love you." Ngeeeeeeee. THen off he went.

Here is a couple of pic I took from THEFACESHOP MALAYSIA official facebook page. Click here for the album. Credit goes to them.. just to show the crowd from the stage.

the crowd from the stage. so this was how HJ saw us? I probably at the place i marked in red

hahahaha u can see me here! :P

I didn't take a lot of pics, it was hard and my cam has only 4x zoom so I couldnt really get close up photos. However, im satisfied with what I have and Im glad I took the last video. You can see more of my photos here.

You can see my vids here and here.

And thanks to kimhyunjoongperfect, you can also see me here at 0:04 hahahah! see the crowd?

I went to say goodbye to my new friends and then I just went home and waited for my friends to pick up for our little get away.

It was truly unbelievable. I can't believe i sat on the pavement for nearly 6-7 hours.

But i got what I want. To see Hyun Joong in front of me.

I guess, that alone is worth of all the trouble.

After that event, I told my friends that I was not sure if I want to do it again. But right now, Im still sick with the effect of HJ visit here, I probably take it back. If i have the time, the strength and supporting friends, I might do it again. and oh, after i uploaded pics on FB, i found out that there were quite a number of HJ friends among my friends and said that they wanted to follow me for HJ's visit next time. hahah. I guess before this they were too shy to admit :P

Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me what you want. All in all, I really did what I really want ^^

The most importantly, in the process, I've met with new friends, which I find amazing what one common thing can bring people together ^^

And oh, this vid by Mykpophuntress brought tears to my eyes everytime I watch it. hahhahahah yes, im still crazy for HJ.

For more photos of the whole visit, you can go to THEFACESHOP MALAYSIA official facebook page here


  1. so much thank you from u!!
    while i did nothing! waaa...
    i knoe how it feel to be alone in the event that u really want to be in but in the same time u dont have the right company to be crazy with!
    i'm glad that everything i've done make u comfortable!!! waaaa....chingu ya!!! welcome to my life!! hahaha

  2. haha u were the only person i know there. so at least, there's someone if anything happens to me.. hehe welcome to my life too! lol