Monday, March 29, 2010

Giggly Fan Girl Me

OK seriously.. I still can't believe what happened earlier.

When I thought about it, I was shaking my head in disbelief. I bought a SS501 special DVD. hahaha. I saw it on the internet, and some of the clips on youtube and thought it would be nice to have the dvd, as a beginner.

The DVD is called "SS501 5 MEN'S 5 YEARS 2005-2009". I saw it online and thought it was quite expensive, around RM150.

So today after work, I went to the Victoria Music Centre, in Sg Wang, KL to ya know sort of checking out to see whether they have it in store. My friend Linda told me Victoria has quite an extensive stock of Korean stuffs, so I thought hey why not. So we went to the store and found the DVD, at RM49.90! hahaha. I was made to understand that it is the Malaysian version. The imported one is the more expensive one. I also asked them for the new concert DVD but they said they have to order it if there is demand.

I was actually surprised to see that the store carry a lot of the Korean stuff. They have lots of choices for DVDs, special editions and what not.. BOF, SS501 has quite a number of choices, the imported ones, the local ones, the special edition ones etc. If you can't find what you want, they can order it for you too. They even have merchandises like sticker, pens, mobile accesories, folders, posters, tshirt and something like a towel? face towel maybe with the Korean artiste. I saw Kim Hyun Joong's and can't stop giggling. Linda was teasing me asking me to buy it and put it up on my office wall. haha. Pootz was shaking her head and was laughing at me and Linda and said that we'll laugh at ourselves looking back in 5 years time. hahahaha.

My new DVD.. hahaha

KHJ, bigger pic than the rest of the members? hahaha

And you know what, my nephews, Imran and Adam... have become a fan too (yes! thanks to me!) hahahaha Adam even sang along (to the tune) of Deja Vu and Ur Man! lol! Imran stayed with me watching the boys story in Kota Kinabalu (yes, they have been to Malaysia! but only for shooting the dvd and short fan signing session)

ok enough writing, back to the DVD!

Now thinking about that Ur Man DVD special and the Persona Concert DVD.. hahaha..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Pretty Boy


He made me into this giggly fan girl.

This is my current boy crush, Kim Hyun Joong (Ji hoo from Boys Over Flowers)

This is not the current pic I think.


Who would have thought? I didn't like his look in BOF, I always cringed when I see him, although I'm in love with his character. I always say that he is too pretty for a boy. His face is too perfect for a boy too. But now, oh well.. I am head over heels with him. hahaha. Of course the role and the real him is sooo different!!

All I do for these past couple of weeks is watching youtube vids of him and his band. Of all those various shows, tv appearances etc. From what I've found, he is a quite talented guy. He can play the guitar, bass, piano, he dance well, can sing. He may not be the best singer around, but he's got the package. hahahaha. OMG. Look how I talk now. and I just love his smile and his laughs! :P and erm he got this kinda hot moves too.. hahaah go search youtube.

I like his look best when he swept his hair up, and there was this phase where he likes to put pins in his hair, and also with a ponytail. HOT! haha. I still haven't found a copy but on youtube there are lots!

I don't know why I love him so much, but after BOF, I started googling him and searching on youtube and somehow, he stole my heart. My friend Aya mentioned to me about this show called "We Got Married", and I searched on that, and BAM! I fell for his quirky, funny manner, awkward, innocent boy but sometimes can be this charming sweet caring gentleman. And I love his wife in that show too, a Korean singer named Hwang bo. Then I found a vid, of his solo song, translated in English to mean "Please be nice to me" and then the rest is history. lol! I also discovered that he is easily searched - there are lots and lots of vids of him, pictures, stories.. you name it. Makes my life easier hahah

I've become one of his giggly fangirl. Let's see him closer, shall we?

This is an old pic I think, cuz he looked so cute and so young! ehheeh

This is quite current, maybe a few months back

this is the swept up look I talked about.. I think it is also know as the "Tony Moly" style as what the fans called it.
This is him as Yoon Ji hoo in BOF

I think this is pretty HOT! hahaha

See his smile!!
This is one of my fave pic

And because of this, naturally, since Kim Hyun Joong is a part of Korean idol group SS501, I'm slowly becoming their fan too, after searching their songs and concerts and tv appearances. I became familiar to the members and their hit songs and now their songs are on my current playlist!!

The cover of their latest mini album, comprising of about 5 songs, released late 2009. Loving it. Especially "Obsess". Try check it out. Expecting to release a new album on May 1st. 501. get it? hahaha.

And now, most of the entertainment sites I go to are Korean entertainment websites. I am still getting the hang of this new entertainment world (which I was blind before) and I am glad I discovered this new world. If you notice, there are some in my blogroll too. hahah. I started using those common Korean greetings too (although I think I only know 2-3 words only hahaha).. but what the heck, I am enjoying this new "phase" and some friends have introduced to more Korean artistes.. but for now, let me concentrate on Kim Hyun Joong and ss501 first. There are so much to catch up.. hehehe

Hey Hyun Joong oppa & ss501, you got another fan here in Malaysia!

Ok I should stop now. hahha.


eeeeeeeeeeeee *smitten* with Kim Hyun Joong!!

*by the way, pics are not mine, used here only as references and love for KHJ heheh

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am on medical leave, again, today.

I was on medical leave on Monday for ear infection thingy. Today it is eye infection. My doc said it has something got to do with "uveitis". So I couldn't wear contact lens for the time being. Minimum 2 weeks. Back to my old glasses, which is, well, quite old. lol. It is not comfortable wearing it for long period, but I can't order a new glasses too since my eyes are red and not looking good. I am quite worried about this condition, the doc said if it gets worse, it might lead to more complicated eye problems. Doc advised me to use those daily wear contact lens instead of the monthly one I've been using. But you know, for the time being, let me just stick to these glasses.

So what's up with me? I am not too sure myself. All I know is that I think my body is pretty weak. I'm prone to sickness these days. Personally I think because my "unhealthy" mental state. hahahahaha. I am not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. I am fine except when I thought about my work. I love my friends at work, I sometimes love what I am doing, but I dont know why I am so worried about work. I am not enthusiastic anymore when getting assignments. I feel like I am so lazy these days. I used to be happy. I miss those days. I miss those days when I don't have to find excuses not to go to work. I do believe that when your mind is not well, your whole body follow suit. Maybe also the fact that I have been neglecting of taking care of my body. My last exercise was, uhmm.. I don't know.. feels like ages ago. I've gain a lot of weight too. I am disappointed with myself, that I've wasted my 2 years of trying to lose weight and got it back again, in less than a year.

Sad but true.

I need new inspiration.

Oh well. Anyway, I had fun last Sunday at the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

This is one of my fave pic. hehehe.. More pics at facebook!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boys Over Flowers

Guess what I've been doing for the past week? Apart from attending Babyface concert lah. hehe

I've been spending my nights watching day after day of the popular Korean tv series, Boys Over Flowers.

Thanks to Lyn and Dang, I am hooked on the show. I just finished the last episode last night, and watched again the final episode this morning, just to satisfy myself.

I don't think I need to explain what's the show about to you, you can google it.

I watched on average 3-4 episodes per night, I started on last Sunday night, there were 25 episodes. I sleep around 2-3am every night last week. heheeh.

Right now, I am compiling the soundtrack. haha. They got pretty awesome songs. My faves are Because I'm Stupid by SS501, FIght the Bad Feeling by T-max. They have their koreans title of course, but for easier access, I changed all the titles in my playlist to english. Otherwise, I wouldn't know which song is which.

Arghh I feel like watching it again, but this DVD is not mine, borrowed from Lyn, so I have to return to her. I should get my own soon.

Btw, this series reminds me of Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle. their names Junpyo - jandi- jihoo. I love the lead, Junpyo but my heart goes for Jihoo. So I am on team Jihoo. I know I shouldnt pick teams but if I have to, I want someone like Jihoo in my life. I love the ending and all, i love the couple (junpyo and jandi) but somehow, Jihoo stole my heart.

Are you a fan too?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Babyface Live in KL





Look at these happy faces! :)