Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Weddings and Babies

I don't know about you, but for me, this year is a year of weddings and babies. If not weddings, it is engagement. So actually it should be read as year of engagement, weddings and babies. Some are my closest friends, some are colleagues, some are college friends, some are friend's siblings..

It started off with Ain last December, of which reminded me that I haven't blogged about her wedding day. From Miss to Missus Part 3 hahaha. Ah.. should I still? Ain already expecting her baby in early September. The latest was the Slattery's wedding reception, earlier this month. Before that was Syira's wedding. Then one by one my friends are either gave birth to babies or carrying babies.

Hey, don't think in a wrong way, Im so happy for my friends. I'm happy that I have so many circles of friends that I can experience how to deal with friends of different statuses. hehe

I've been with the bride-to-be on her last of being single woman for 3 times - Tuya's, Ain's and Syira. I wish I could be there for Angah, but then she is already married. keke, although I stayed with her till the end of the day on the reception day.

Anyway, let me get to my point. I love being involved in weddings stuff. But sometimes, when I think back, something in my heart tells me that, when will my time comes? Being close to the weddings, now when I think of it, makes it harder.. because deep in your heart, you cannot help but imagine of your own wedding and somehow it makes me kinda sad. Well, it is not sad really but hmm don't know how to explain it really.

That day, during Angah's reception day, when I said goodbye to my family (my family also attended the reception) and told them I'm gonna stay with Angah, my dad looked at me and said something like, it is always you... I looked at him, and didn't really get it. He smiled and there's something on his face.. look of pity? Sad? He smiled and have that little look that makes me go like.. "awww Pa", but I didn't say it of course. Then as I turned away, I think I know what he meant. I've been thinking about the same thing.

I've been thinking to talk about this for awhile now but I thought I didn't want to write something like this because it may appear that I'm sad or desperate? Now when I thought again, this is natural feeling, right? Im not normal if I didn't think this way. I don't know. What do you think? I didn't want to think much of it, but since I'm thinking about it right now, so might as well I write about it.

A twitter friend recently tweeted "One day someone will come into your life and you'll finally understand why it never worked with anyone else". Nice eh? So I'm gonna keep that in mind.


You're Beautiful

Ok.. hahah ok, I never thought that I'll be blogging about a Korean drama, again. I thought Boys Over Flowers was the only one.

Anyway, thanks to an online friend, she gave a me a copy of the drama and bam! I was hooked.

I am on MC for three days (today last day), as I am having this lowerback pain, (i cant sit for a long period).. but since Im able to sit and write this, I am getting better. HAHhahAh that is so random right? not related at all. No, what I was trying to say was that because Im on mc, i was able to watch this drama.

So anyway, last weekend I had a sleepover at Dang's and watched about 5 episodes of this drama. I spent the whole day Monday watching the rest of it but can't finished it and watched the last 2 eps yesterday morning. there were 16 eps all.


For those who are not familiar with korean dramas, you can google it, it is a very popular drama in 2009 i think.

Main Cast of You're Beautiful

So anyway, I love the male lead, his name is Jang Geun Suk. In the drama, he is the leader of a fictional popular idol group and he has this angst persona about him. He is always angry but somehow he has a very kind heart. Typical. hahaha but that's what I love. lol. I think I have a thing for eyeliner on men and ponytail! But of course, I've seen Hyun Joong with the ponytail and eyeliner, maybe that's why I like this guy? Hmm now, to think again, he does look a lil bit like Hyun Joong. hehehe.

Anyway, right now, i am watching his movie Baby & Me online, recommended by Dang... it was before You're Beautiful. Dang told me that he lost 7 kgs for the role in You're Beautiful as most idols are lanky.. so his face a lil bit full in this Baby & me movie.

I guess my Korean guys list has expanded - Kim Hyun Joong, Daniel Henney, Rain, now Jang Geun Suk. Oh I've mention about Taeyang and Daesung (both from big Bang?) I love them musically. This is good. hehe

He looked kinda dorky in this pic but I like!
Awww sexy lol
the angst I mentioned. See his face? Like!

Ahh my fave pic.. look at the ponytail and eyeliner! *sigh*

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lost in Owl City

Since I haven't been updating this blog much, I tend to use my twitter as my "mini blog" since I update it with my thoughts, all day long. And if you are a follower, you'll notice that I've mentioned Owl City a few times. Owl City has this effect of making me a little bit dreamy, and if I'm feeling down, Owl City sort of lifted my spirits up. And Im not the only one, Taylor Swift also mentioned in one of her tweets something about Owl City and her being dreamy. I can't remember the exact words..but it was something like that. Too lazy to find it. hehe. I RT-ed it though.

I'm in a bad "monday blues" attack. For no apparent reason. Im not nasty to my colleagues, but I felt mundane and nothing and I can sense negativity oozing out of me.

I was waiting for someone or something to lift my spirits up, and I even tried Owl City in the morning but it didn't work. Usually I will play Vanilla Twilight, Fireflies and The Saltwater Room (not in any particular order). They are my happy songs. But somehow today it didn't work.

Then I decided to try again with me reading the lyrics and one song caught my interest. I can feel the muscles around my mouth moving in a smiling position. The song name is "Dental Care". I'm familiar with song but I never paid much attention it. It is such a quirky song, but very very adorable. It made me smile because of the Adam Young's creativity and positive outlook. I like the way he sees things. Somehow, to him it seems all are rainbows and sunshines. He can make a song about going to the dentist into a happy song. It reminded me of the theme song of sesame street too. LOL. But I think this is not actually a song of going to the dentist literally. It's quite deep, at least that's the way I see it. Or maybe I was thinking too much, again! hahaha. maybe it is just a song about dental care. :P Check this out.

"Dental Care" - Owl City

I brush my teeth, and look in the mirror
And laugh out loud as I'm beaming from ear to ear
I'd rather pick flowers instead of fightsAnd rather than flaunt my style
I'd flash you a smile of clean pearly whites

I've been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the drill
I smooth my hair, sit back in the chair
But somehow I still get the chills
"Have a seat" he says pleasantly
As he shakes my hand, and practically laughs at me
"Open up nice and wide" he says peering in
With a smirk he says "don't have a fit this'll just pinch a bit"
As he tries not to grin

When hygienists leave on long vacations
That's when dentists scream and lose their patience

Talking only brings the tooth aches on
Because I say the stupidest things
So if my resolve goes South
I'll swallow my pride with an aspirin,
and shut my mouth

Golf and alcohol don't mix
And that's why I don't drink and drive
Because, good grief I'd knock out my teeth
And have to kiss my smile goodbye

I've been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the drill
I smooth my hair, sit back in the chair
But somehow I still get the chills

Didn't get what I mean? Didn't get why it made me smile? heheheh I cannot help you then. You have to find your own song. All I know is that Im in a better mood than before. keke

And also, especially after looking at this picture too. :p How can I not smile now? I love his pearly whites ^^ one of my fave pics. i love him *staring adoringly*

Credit of the picture goes to the owner of the pic, as watermarked.