Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Faiq Nak Balik...

"Faiq wants to go home". That was what Faiq, my 4 year old nephew kept saying last night at the hospital.

He was admitted into the hospital after midnight on Sunday, due to high temperature fever. Faiq is a super active boy and his best friend is Ultraman. hahah. Seeing him last night was a bit heartbreaking because he kept saying he wanna go home.

This was him last night.
Still active eventhough with high fever and on the hospital bed!

With bestie. haha

Anyway, I visited him earlier tonight, he seemed fine.. hahah except with that bandage around his left hand (for the drip). My brother said all the test done on him turned out negative and the high fever was mainly due to ear infection. When I asked him "Best tak duduk hospital?" (is it nice staying at the hospital?). He answered "Best!". hahaha. Kids!

He is expected to be discharged tomorrow. Alhamdullillah. Get well soon, Aiq!

With his 8 year old cousin, Adam. These 2 are arch enemies normally. But today, waaaaahhh very friendly, lovey dovey one! haha. Faiq even let Adam played game on his babah's iphone.
and now, Lachik Adam, is reading to Faiq! Woohhoo!!!


What are they doing???


Ain't they cute or what??? hehehe

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sisters Day Out

I have 4 sisters in law - Kak Liza (married to my eldest bro), Kak Tine (married to my second bro), Kak Ida (married to my 3rd bro) and Yong (married to my 4th bro, the one before me and oh yeah, yong & I went to uni together. hehe.). Btw, I have 5 brothers - 4 older, 1 younger.

Ever since I have them in my life, I never went out with them, just us. You know what I mean? Without their husbands and kids. Of course we went out together before but usually because of family event. there were also times where we went out together, but maybe just 2 of us, or 3 but never all together just the 5 of us.

The idea was initiated by Kak Tine, all because we wanted to see the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. Since it is a very girly movie, we discussed and thought that going out, just us girls, would be fun. So hence, the planning went on (where to go etc). Our agenda, was very simple.. movie, eat and shop! hehehe.

So the date was set on 28th March 2009. There will be 8 of us - me & my sisters in law, my niece Sabrina (Kak Liza's daughter) plus Kak Ida's niece, Mahirah and Yong's sis, Dhirah). KLCC was chosen as the destination. We wanted to catch an early show, and KLCC has a 12:10pm show. Kak Liza picked us (Kak Tine, Yong & myself) up and we arrived there around 11:15am, and picked up the reserved tickets for the movie.

Camwhoring in the car. haha.

Had a little time to walk around before the movie starts, so we made the first stop at Harrods, since my sisters in law didn't know that there is a Harrods in KLCC, so I took them there. Honestly, there weren't that many stuff in the store, except, as I would call them, gift items (biscuits in tins, nicely wrapped jams, chocolates, very expensive soft toys, those famous Harrods bags).. oh there is a cafe at back too, and some food sold in the store. We walked around and then saw this cute little bag, and deliberated and decided to get the bag for mama's coming birthday next week. I managed to take a few pics inside the store.. before was told that no photographs are allowed. Boo! Too bad! Me & Yong already taken a few. haha.

My stylo sis in law, Tine posing at the Harrods' barme & my niece, Sabrina
My sisters in law, L-R : Kak Liza, Kak Tine & Yong with Sabrina

Then, we went up to the cinema to meet up with Kak Ida and her niece, Mahirah (Mahirah btw, has this cute blogshop, check it out here) and Dhirah. Bought our munchies and went off to see the movie. LOVED the movie. Love Isla Fisher, smitten with Hugh Dancy, love the fashion, love the colours.

Went out of the cinema feeling very hungry since it's already past lunch time, we decided to have lunch at the Little Penang Cafe. I know i have mentioned this cafe a few times already in this blog, but never made a proper review about it. haha. sometimes, I think, there are places that you don't need to review because it's just great everytime you go. That's how I feel about Little Penang Cafe. Hhehe.

Lunch at the Little Penang Cafe
With Kak Ida & Mahirah

After quick, satisfying meal (treated by Kak Liza btw, thanks kak liza, semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu hheee), Kak Liza told us that she wanted to buy new clothes (or wardrobe me thinks from the amount of purchases haha) for my 10 year old, niece Sabrina and asked us to help. We of course took the challenged happily, got pretty excited (it is always exciting for me - to shop for someone's else using someone else's money LOL) and off we went. It was fun too since this way, I got to spend a little more time with my niece. Sabrina tried lots of clothes, pity her but i think she enjoyed it too. We also bought another gift for mama, a really nice black wrap at Marks and Spencer.

Yong and Dhirah met Anuar Zain! Lucky biatch! LOL (I was in the fitting room with Sabrina that time)
Camwhoring with Kak Tine in the fitting room at M&S
With yong and her sister, Dhirah
Then, we took a break from shopping before going home, at the Lawn, as described in the earlier post. Kak Ida, Mahirah and Dhirah already went back by the time we finished shopping.

very excited kak tine
with sabrina, yong & kak liza

I really had a great time, glad everything went well. We went back a little bit late than planned. The plan was to be home at around 5pm hhaahaha we ended up reaching home at around 7 ish pm. Everyone were a little bit nervous on the way home hahah (takut laki masing2 marah daaa and mak mertua marah, mama ku ler.. hehe). We are not too sure if we can do this again anytime soon but I believe everyone had a good time. I, definitely want to do this again. We'll have to find a suitable time and manage our time better on the day out, next time.

Thanks sisters, for a fun time and go pujuk your hubbies and see if we can do this again, soon!

Love ya'll!!!

And oh yeah, I am proud to say that I didn't buy anything except a little charm for Sabrina's handphone and Mama's birthday gift ...hahahah, yeah on a little tighter budget this month, lots of birthdayslah (actually covering from impulse purchase last month - my Charles & Keith handbag & new Malinda crocs hahaha).


Anyway, had a great but exhausting weekend. Now feeling a little bit under the weather.. I think sore throat and cold is coming up. lol. Ugh.. hating thinking about work tomorrow.

Have a good week loves!


Take A Break @ The Lawn, KLCC

Rest your tired feet after shopping at this little but charming cafe, on the 2nd Floor of KLCC Ramlee Mall wing (near Bata).

It is the sister cafe to the Marmalade Cafe (mentioned in the earlier post).

Very simple and small cafe, you would be attracted to the cutesy decor.. with white chairs, with grass filled walls (of the counter). Serves hot and cold drinks (juices, coffee etc), pastries and cakes (lots of choices for cupcakes), some sandwiches and salad too I think.

For me, if you want to have a drink and doesn't want the crowd at the Starbucks, try this cafe. I won't say that the drinks or the pastries etc are extraordinary but, the place is quiet and relaxed. Just what I need after a day of shopping.

Will take note of this place, the next time I go shopping and need a drink. hehe.

Order number set on a pot of plastic plants. CUTENESS!!!! loved it!
some of us ;)
our food and drinks ( Iced Mocha & Iced Latte)

Clockswise from top - Strawberry Cheesecake, Bread Pudding (with caramelised orange rind and custard sauce) and Chocolate something cheese cake (not sure whats it called haahahahs sorry).

Familiar? hehee like in Marmalade

Happy Birthday Bubuk!

Party people. haha

I celebrated Ain's birthday the night before her actual birthday. Her bday was on 28th March 2009 but well, since she is a very super duper bz chick (uweekk), I kidnapped her the day before her bday. Not actually kidnap since she was the one who drove me around lol.

Decided to go to Marmalade Cafe, after browsing numerous rastaurants and cafe, sampai headache, pikir where to go. Decided Marmalade because I thought it is a fun place, cheerful and not so heavy on the pockets. Been there once, and wanted to try again, so this is the chance, since Ain never been there before.

Picked up our friend, Chot and made a move to Bangsar. We went through about 2 hours of traffic and got there at about 8:30pm. Went straight to Marmalade since all of us are famished and can't wait to get some food into our system.

Cute interior.

Each of us picked one dish each - Chicken Avocado Burger (Ain), Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Chot), Chicken Pie (me). We also added the paper roll with ginger prawn filling for starter and Oceanic Citrus salad to complete the meal.

I have reviewed the Spaghetti Aglio Olio before so I won't be talking about it now, except that this time, I think that it was very good, the pasta was cooked to aperfection and I just LOVE the sundried tomatoes added to it, it gave the dish a little sourish taste but different take on the usual olio.

So anyway, really love the paper rolls (not in the website menu though). very simple but very nice! The prawns were plump and i love the gingery taste.

Oceanic Citrus salad was lovely. Crunchy and fresh with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, baby asparagus, and some other veggies and also smoked salmon on top. loved it!!

The chicken burger was good too, the chicken patty was not oily and very juicy and tasteful. It was served with sweet onion relish and ordinary shoestring fries.

The only disappointment was my choice, the chicken pie (with mashed potatoes and salad as side dishes). Chicken pie is one of my fave food but this pie the filling was a little to dry and bland for my taste. And there were only chicken pieces inside, so the texture was also a little bit boring there. The chicken tasted like it was boiled and very dry. I love the pastry though. Hope they'll improve on the filling.

Apple crumble was yummy. Would love to have more custard sauce, please? And maybe some ice cream on top would be nice too (chot's request). haha.

Not bad eh? I love the place, perfect for a girly day out. Definitely coming back for more. hehe. For more info on the menu and price, click here.

Anyway Ain, I had a great time that day and hope you had fun too. Happy birthday again. Love you to bits, I feel lucky to have you in my life.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thinking of You

Thinking of You by Katy Perry.

Ok.. I don’t know how many times I keep playing this song today. You know I am sulking, and usually, emotional songs hit more when I am sulking. Haha.

There’s something about the way she sing this song. It’s so heartbreaking. I love the part when she sang “into your eyessss…” I guess it is hard to find a better person when you had the best one. So I think I understand how she feels. Like me, for example. I love this lipstick from m.a.c, the shade is Hug Me. I only wear that colour. I like the texture and how it looks like on me. I tried to find another colour or other lipstick, but no, this is the one I love most. You know, if you buy from m.a.c, when you have 6 empty cases, you’ll get a free lipstick. Among the 6 items I have, 3 of them are Hug Me lipstick. Hahaa. Then the girl asked me what colour I wanted. I just looked at her and she asked me, “Hug Me?” hahaha.

Ok that’s totally out of the point.. but I think I understand how hard it is to replace something that you think the best for you.

Now, let’s be emotional together. Haha. Read the lyrics here and click here to hear the song (whoever can access youtube haha)


I am sulking a little bit today.

I was instructed to move to another cubicle to accommodate the new HR personnel.

I love my cubicle. It is bit private (so I can do whatever I do here other than work without interruption hahaha), out of boss’ vision and most importantly, I am next to my friend Lynn. My confidant, my partner in crime, you name it. That’s her. The place I am moving to is just a few paces away from Lynn but, she won’t be next to me! I can’t turn and see her face anymore, and communicate just by our facial expressions. I’ll miss our quiet burst of laughing whenever we wrote something silly in our e-mails.

I know I should be a little positive because the new cubicle is not that bad, but still… let me sulk for a little bit.

Then again, I heard another news that some of us from the department will move to another floor, except Lynn and boss. I don’t mind being on different level with my boss hahahaha.. but Lynn?

Whatever it is, I’ll definitely miss having Lynn next to me.

I haven't started packing... and the new staff will come in next week. I am in denial so I am not moving yet.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Up Up & Away

I went to the Hot Balloon Fiesta i've talked about in the earlier post on Sunday.

Woke up really early since in the itinery the balloon will start from 745am until 9am. I thought my nephews would changed their minds and didnt wanna go but fortunately they were pretty excited too, eventhough a little bit sleepy.

Reached Putrajaya at about 740 am... and was welcomed with these!!

Got excited and the boys were pretty excited too looking at the wonderful balloons (eventhough after 10 minutes they were like, is this all?).

My darlings Imran and Adam

with pink elly

My sister in law, Yong and her sisters also joined us. There were also my bros Upiq, Faiq my nephew, my other bro sher and wife, Ida and sons Asif and Akif.

Faiq, Adam & Imran making silly faces

haha excited me. as always!

My faves? Of course the pink elephant and beautiful peacock. They looked amazing!! I didn't count how many balloons were there but you can read them in the official website. Click here for more info.

Pink Elephant
clown and peacock
Coffee anyone?

I had a great time with my family, watching the balloons. Then we had simple breakfast - just plain nasi lemak my bro brought with him. The nasi lemak wasnt really nice but somehow the ambience made it nice and we enjoyed having them. My nephews were running around by the lake, watching the para gliding (i think that's what they are called hheeehehe. Imran and Adam played inside a ball on water.. hahaha they looked like a couple of active hamsters!!!!

hanging out by the lakeside
my nephews having fun
faiq and yong enjoying breakfast, nasi lemak
Para gliding? is it?
hamsters on water! lol
with adam
With Imran, my bro Sher at the back

Well nothing beats quality time with loved ones.

Bye balloons!! Hope you'll come here next time!!!


*some of the photo credits goes to Yong & Dhirah. thanks!!!

UPDATED 25/3/2009 - For more pics.. click here!