Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Scared

Well, not me. LOL. It's Duffy. You know Duffy, right? The girl with the hit song, Mercy. The one that sounds like.. "I am begging you for Mercy, yea yeah.. ". Yeahh that's the one. I love her. She's different from the other new artistes these days. Her album is great, check it out sometime. Most of the songs are great but my faves are Delayed Devotion, Syrup and Honey, Distant Dreamer and of course, I'm Scared.

It's been awhile since I talked about songs, right? heheh. So anyway, I've been listening to I'm Scared all the time since I saw Bride Wars at the movies the other day with Ain. The song sort of stuck to my head. Maybe because I was feeling a bit down. Sad songs stuck longer on my head when I am feeling down. hahaha. And this song is perfect to accompany you sulking. lol. It just makes you wanna curl up and be on your own. Hahahahah. I am not doing that, too busy but instead the song made me a bit calm. Weird?? lol.

So anyway, the song came on during the part where the main characters played by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway was missing each other after being apart from some time (you should watch this movie, it's great chick flick - about meaning of friendship and love). It was a perfect choice of song. What I want to say here is that I really like the story in the song. For me, the song is about letting go. Duffy in this song is scared of letting go the memory of someone very important to her. Duffy is not letting go and scared to moved on. This is the lyrics.

The blank pages
Of my diary
That I haven't touched
Since you left me
The closed blinds
In my home
See no light of day
Dust gathers
On my stereo
Cos I can't bare
To hear the radio
The piano sits
In a shaded space
With a picture
Of your face

I'm scared
To face another day
Cos the fear in me
Just won't go away
In an instant
You were gone
And I'm scared

Coffee stains
On your favorite book
Remind me of you
So I can't even look
The magazines
You left on the floor
You won't need
Them anymore

A towel left
Hangin on the wall
No sign of wet foosteps
In the hall
There's no smell
Of your sweet cologne
I'm lying here alone

I'm scared
To face another day
Cos the fear in me
Just won't go away
In an instant
You were gone
And now I'm scared

Sad isn't it? I feel sad for her because I know letting go something or someone you love is very hard to do. I have had my share. I know how it hurts how hard it is. But at the end of the day, no matter how much we want to hang on to something, we have to let it go. Sooner or later, it will go away whether you like it or not. It may not be gone in a day, but it will, through time.

But for the time being, just sulk on it. hahahahaah. Why not, just let your guard down? Sometimes I see that people doesn't want to be sad and they build this a wall around them because they don't want to be seen sad or whatever but, I think, it's nice to just crush down the wall you build around you. Just cry, cry all you want but you have to know when to stop. You had your share of sulking, then you should stop sulking, stop holding grouches, stop being bitter, stop whatever that pulled you down.

You just have to let it go. Find another handbag to replace your favourite hobo. Find another pair of shoes in exchange of that really comfy pumps. Forgive someone that made you angry. Pray for those you have lost forever. Take the time to get to know other people to replace that someone.


Too Cute

Something made me smile this mundane Saturday morning at work.

As usual, I logged on my pc and started browsing my favourite blogs. One blog i have to visit everyday is A Cup of Jo, a blog by Glamour magazine's daily sex and relationship blog writer, Joanna Goddard. I love her blog. She always link me up to lots of different things. hehehe. So anyway today I clicked on this post and I found out that Christian Bale looks like Kermit the frog. hahaha. Too cute!!! Click here, to know what I mean. Too cute, right?

Have a great weekend people!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tagged Again!

Been tagged by Ain...interesting one and had fun doing it! ehhehe

RULES: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.


I really want to go to...Cornwall, England

My favorite place...beach

My favorite ipod

My favorite drink...watermelon juice

My favorite food...fried chicken

My favorite

I live in...malaysia

I was born in...kuala lumpur

My school/college...SM SAAS Kajang / UiTM Shah Alam

My favorite story...Anne of Green Gables

My hobby... reading

I wish...for love :P

Ok lets tag these ppl! :

1. Pootz
2. Wynn
3. Mrs Slattery
4. Dang
5. Anna
6. Kak Tine

HAVE FUN! have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Spongebob Squarepants

I just took the cartoon character test and my result is that I'm a Spongebob Squarepants. I have taken this test a few times and I think the last time i took I was a Charlie Brown.

This is what Spongebob is:

"You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have and never wants t o lose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey, it's funny and calm for the most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people and you will be stress free".

Now I am asking you, am I a Spongebob?

Have a great week, loves!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Isn't She Lovely

My bestie, little sis, Ain, is getting married!!!!

Her engagement was held last Sunday.

Look how happy she was.

;)) Ain! Jangan marah aaah.. i love the pic so much!!

CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to see you on your big day! SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!


More pics of the engagement, click here.

Little Feet

Couldn't resist taking pictures of my little niece's, Aira, little feet.

Look how adorable they are wrapped in cute lil pink socks ;))

So cute!!!

"Geeks" in the Pink

I never been a dessert person.

But, because of this, I may be converted. LOL.

That beautiful concoction is called "Chocolicious Sundae". It has icecream, strawberries, honeycomb biscuit thingy which melted in your mouth and lots of chocolate! it was owh so yummy!!! i can feel my waistline expanded just with a few spoonful of this! LOL! but, i dont care! haha.

Look at me! HAHA

Had the chance to taste this equisite dessert with my online friends - the sisters, Syaz and Min, both has become my real world friends. hehe.

I went to Delicious (again!) but this time it was at the Bangsar Village 2 outlet. It was for Syaz's birthday celeb (another birthday! hahaha) and all of us wore something pink! We actually planned to try the afternoon tea, but since all of us had not taken any lunch, we were famished by the time we met. lol. So there goes my afternoon tea. Syaz and I chose pasta (Syaz's was Carbonara and mine was mushroom mascaporne thingy) while Min had the Sirloin Steak Sandwich. Not going to review the dishes because they were quite a disappointment. Nothing special there. The flavours were quite bland. I had better experience the last time. The place was a bit hectic, I love the Dua Annexe outlet more.

But, the winner is the sundae. It was just delicious! Syaz suggested that maybe once a month, we should go for a dessert hunt. hahaha. Let's go Syaz!

Apart from that, had a great time catching up with the sisters!

"Geeks" in the Pink! haha
couldn't resist taking the pic. love the colours! i think i have a thing for lanterns now. lol

Birthday Fun

Another birthday celebration! \^o^/ We celebrated my cousin's birthday the day before the actual date because we wanted to suprise her. lol. We were out of ideas already on how to suprise, so we decided to suprise her early. Oh boy, she was surprised. At first she looked a bit confused, hahah maybe because she thought we got the wrong date. We told her that it was on purpose! lol. We had dinner at Nando's (my fave) and window shopped at KLCC.

Birthday girl sweet! happy me and lil bro my awesome cousins my "chill" crew

Then on the actual birthday, both Eja and I decided to take the afternoon off from work and went window shopping. We persuaded Wawa (Eja's younger sis) but she had to attend an important meeting, so she couldn't join us. So anyway, we walked around the 3 major shopping malls at the Bukit Bintang area - Pavilion, Lot 10 and Sungei Wang. Eja wanted some shoes and she got 2! LOL. Then we rewarded our tired feet at the fish spa. Both Eja & I never been to a fish spa before, since we were both squeamish. We were quite nervous at first but once we put our feet in the water, we LOVED it! hahaha. I would definitely go again. It felt like these little fingers massaging your legs and feet. After that, it the skin felt smooth. RM38 for 30 minutes of peaceful relaxing time. It felt good, and 30 minutes fly by so quickly. More info about the benefits of this fish spa theraphy, read it here and here. I really like it and would go again, but after some readings, I think we should be careful on which fish spa we go since there are some spas which are not hygenic and uses fake fish. So make sure you go to an established and well maintained spa. It was a really great day indeed.


scared! lol haha nervous eh? not anymore! lol

Vids of the little cute suckers. lol.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Ending


hahaha. Oh well, happy endings just make me happy.

Just saw the latest ep of Privileged.


Hhehehe. Looking forward to the long weekend, so many things to look forward to.

But I just can't help wondering what would my own happy ending be.


Have a happy weekend loves!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's Up with the Js?

Yea, what’s up with the J’s?

James Morrison, Jason Mraz, Josh Groban, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Jamie Scott and Justin Nozuka.

Those are among my favourite musicians. Noticed the similarity? Their names start with J. Like me! Even though my real name does not start with J, J is the name that I am lovingly called ;))

I think you know most of the names but I’m not sure if you now about Justin Nozuka. He’s my baby. Hihihihih. Eh you know what; he was introduced to me by my online friend, whose name also starts with J! How delightful! lol.

Just thought Justin Nozuka deserved a special mention here. This is Justin Nozuka.

He’s amazing. Ok ok, I confessed. I have a huge crush on him. How could I not, he’s talented, very passionate about his music. And okay, being cute doesn’t hurt him either. Look at those eyes. hehehe. He is so young too. I am amazed by people who are young but know what they want and so passionate about it. His lyrics are deep and he sings with his heart. You should see his youtube vids. Of course the most popular song is After Tonight (I fell in love with him the first time I heard this song, thanks to my buddy J), but you should watch this one vid, I think it’s called “No Heaven”. I am at the office, if I am at home I would be able to get the link for you (flash is banned here okay!). Anyway, just go to Justin Nozuka official channel in youtube and look for that vid. It’s awesome! He was sitting in the dark, with only his guitar, and sang his heart out. He even cried I think. Or I was the one who was crying when I saw the vid. Hahaha. My other faves are I’m in Peace and Save Him. Oh, I wish I could see him live. I still can’t find his album here. Have anybody seen it? Let me know ok? Hey Mrs Slattery, he’ll be performing in Houston this coming February, please go see him for me. Please? Say hi for him from me, ok? :P Oh I forgot to mention, he has an older brother, who is a singer too, George Nozuka. Pretty smooth. But I am all for Little Nozuka.

Eh I thought I am talking about all the Js. Hahaha not just that little Justin Nozuka. Hehe.

So anyway, just distracting myself from the mundane feeling at work.

I’m listening to this at the moment. Very sweet! Have a peaceful day, loves.

I'm In Peace - Justin Nozuka

It always occurs to me, how lovely you look today
Just how you smile that way, makes my heart melt
Seemed like just yesterday, when you stole my breath away
You walked into my life, you completed my soul
When you walked into my life, you completed my soul

I'm in peace,
I'm in peace,
I'm in peace when I am with you
You set me free; you're all I need,
Lift me off my feet, beauty queen

Where did you find that soul of yours
You must have traveled through heaven, and searched through the garden of love
I swear there's a light, when your eyes touch me
It's like the sun reaching down from the sky
When you touch me with your eyes,
it's like the sun from the sky

Your whispering,
it's uplifting,
Sink into my body while I'm drifting
When you kiss me, really truly kiss me
Connected by our hearts, we are one

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love Bug

Not a fan of Jonas Brothers but the song is kinda cute. lol. When I was thinking about writing this post, I really wanted to put Love Bug as the title. so hence the title. hehehe

So anyway, I walked into the office, feeling kinda blue.

Then, I was greeted by these cuties.

\^o^/ so cute!!!!! and it put a really big smile on my face. Thanks Lynn!! Love ya!

So let's see what these cuties were up to:

hanging out on the keyboard

flying off to the rose garden
hey they even visited my parents and my cousins! :P
visiting some friends

hey, they even went around the world!


Have a good day, sweeties!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Delicious Lunch

You know how I fell in love with Delicious right? lol. And told you that I want to try having lunch or dinner there. Remember? Read all about it here.

So here is my experience having lunch at Delicious. I went the Dua Annexe outlet again and *sigh* lovin it!! not kidding.

The food were exquisite. I am not really used in having these type of dishes, so I am loving it and I am glad I am exposed to these different types of taste. lol. But still, can't go here often, it will burn a hole in my wallet. hahahah.

As I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by this wide space, natural lighting in the room, white walls, furniture, these cute birdcages-lantern thingy and lovely white tree branches. I fell in love with the deco. Simple, clean, white with various shades of blue thrown in to give colour. The look is fresh, the type that makes you feel free and relaxed. As I was shown to my table, where my friend Dang is waiting for me, I noticed there is a little band, with white piano and sort of like a lounging area. Nice!!! The bass player is pretty cute too. lol. They play those soft jazz songs and the singer has a lovely voice!! I LOVE her and the band and the music! It added to the relaxed ambience of the entire place.

So anyway, now is the menu. Me and my girls decided to order a few different dishes and share so we could have taste a little bit of everything. We ordered the caesar salad with smoked salmon and chargrilled chicken, crispy softshell crab salad, angelhair pasta in creamy sauce with smoked salmon and caviar, the antipasti platter, BBQ whole chicken with potatoes and caramelised onion.

I love the different tastes of the dishes we ordered. I love the crispy softshell crab, it has this asian taste - sharp and the asian greens blended well together (thai basil and mint) which is in contrast with the caesar salad, a bit mild. But the caesar salad was delicious and fresh!!! the smoked salmon is nice and the chicken is tender and juicy. love it! then the antipasti - with thinly sliced crispy baguette served with pate, mushroom, asparagus, grilled seafood (squid and prawns), eggplant, tomatoes and roasted garlic. This is the first time I had this and it was good. The winner for me is the Angelhair pasta. it was tossed in this cream sauce, but it was not heavy, just light and nice. I am not a fan of smoked salmon but this time, I love them. The saltiness of the salmon sort of complement the light and simple pasta. Simpy delicious!!! AND we even forgot to take the pic of the pasta because we enjoyed it so much and hungry! LOL! Anyway, the most disappointing one was the BBQ whole chicken. i like the herbs on the chicken but the chicken is a bit too dry and tasteless. but we already full with the others, so it doesnt really matter. lol. Aya ordered the wild mushroom soup, but i didnt have a taste because I was too full already. Then for the birthday girl, we ordered the chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce. It was heaven. It was sinful. it was DELICIOUS! lol. the brownie is moist and warm in contrast with the sweet, cold icecream and the melting chocolate sauce. perfect ending to a perfect meal.

the crispy soft shell crab salad
anti pasti platter
caesar salad (without the chicken and salmon - long story)
the BBQ chicken
chocolate brownie - look at us, greedy! lol

As for drinks, I wanted to try something different, so i ordered a lemongrass frosty with lychee. Dang had watermelon frosty with lychee, laila had the lime and lychee frosty while aya had the ice lemon tea. Mine was, well, different. lol. I wanted something different, right. The taste is okay, I can finish the drink but it is not something that I will order again. Its actually tasted like lychee drink with a taste of lemon grass. Nothing special there. But interesting. lol. I didnt try the other drinks but I am sure they are quite nice.

left-watermelon and lychee blast and the lemongrass with lychee

However, I need to mention something about the service. It is sad for me, when the staffs were the ones that made the place a bit uncomfortable for us. We have some mix up orders etc (the caesar salad) because most of the waiters and waitresses doesnt even understand what we want. They are foreigners, not sure of which origin but I was hoping that for places like this, when we pay for great food and ambience, they should come with competent staffs too, at least those that are fluent in english or malay. I actually ordered the brownie in advanced for them to suprise my friend but it was spoilt as nobody seems to be informed of the request whereas everything was confirmed by the staff the day before. I hope this is a one time thing because this is really becoming one of my fave places!

So anyway, apart from that mishap and confusion, I had a good time and the food was excellent.

Right now, afternoon tea anyone? Looks yummy! Wanna try? Let's. lol

Till next time!

Have a great week ahead loves!