Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to Reality

My Raya ("Eid") holiday is about to end in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

I am in denial that work starts tomorrow.

The only consolation is that I'll be seeing my friends at work which I missed so much and I am looking forward to my time in the car to and from work darling bubuk. I miss gossiping and heart to heart talk with her. hehe.

I am having too much fun, doing nothing. Seriously. I am not THAT busy during the holidays, the only time we went for "jalan-jalan raya" was on the first day - we went to Melaka visiting some old relatives hahah and then Yong's parents house in DU, then.. uhmm yesterday to Dang's open house in Melaka and today, to my aunt's house in Setapak. hehe. Most of the days I just spent time at home, lepakking and it was AWESOME!! haha. I can do this all the time. Although I do think that I spent a lot of time this week cooking (entertaining guests) and also meals at home (since I am at home.. usually the maid do all the cooking eheh).

Being in a small & new family (new as in we don't have those long historical family tree), so Raya has always been a small affair, just me & my little family. Now that all my older brothers are married, sometimes, we visited our in laws' family too. However, eventhough I don't have a "kampung" to go to, or lots of relatives, this time is the perfect time to take time off from work.

I spent my holiday just spending time with my family, especially with my parents and my little brother. We took them out for lunch and dinner etc, just catching up on stuff.

Anyway, tomorrow is work and somehow I think I won't be able to update much during work time because I heard that our access to blogs are restricted/blocked or give a low bandwith or something like that. Hmmmmm there goes the fun and distraction need at work.

Oh well, life goes on.... and let's see random pics from my album this Raya week.

Oh yeah, all the best waking up tomorrow to work and have fun at work ya'll! We can do it! hahahah

First Day Raya Pics...

Second Raya - went for lunch at Aryan, The Weld

Went to Aquaria to see the fishies and met the seahorse which I have always wanted to see! Very fascinating creature. I love them!

Yesterday at Dang's open house in Seremban. Great food! Beautiful house :)

My aunt's open house and a lil bit shopping at KLCC afterwards

Oh well, there goes my holiday week. hahah enough pics I guess. More pics on facebook!

Have a great week darlings!


p/s: I miss Friday Night Lights, I miss Riggins. Can't wait for OCt 28th for the season 4 premiere but will Riggins be a regular? :(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi Sweetie

2 simple little words.

Makes me feel happier than I already am.

Just 2 simple words.

Enjoy the holiday!!


Salam Aidilfitri to all.

Raya morning with my sisters in law - Yong and Kak Tine

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of Shallow, Bitter People

Did you hear about what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift at the 2009's VMAS?

For those who didn't know... Taylor was giving her speech, all super excited accepting her first moonman for the Best Female Video, when Kanye came on stage, took the mic from her and said that he's really happy for her but Beyonce has the best video of all time (Single Ladies vid). Camera zoomed in on Beyonce, who looked shocked and embarassed. And poor, poor Taylor was standing there speechless. My heart goes to her. What a jerk Kanye was. I am sure Beyonce would be flattered if Kanye said it in a different venue, probably at her own party. Beyonce was awarded with the best video later in the show, and when she came on stage accepting her moonman, she called out for Taylor and gave Taylor the stage to give her speech. Sweet of Beyonce and I am quite teary eyed for Taylor because I think she was humiliated by Kanye. From what I heard, Kanye did made a public apology but, still, I don't think a mature right minded person, would have done that, and plus for a public figure like him, it was so rude and WRONG!

And then, if I am Beyonce, i would be very angry at Kanye... who the hell he thinks he is and speak about her. If you want to talk about yourself, fine, just talk about you. Don't speak on other people's behalf. Tak payah la nak sebut2 nama org lain kan? Kalau dalam kata org kita, jangan jaga tepi kain orang la.

I hate when people speaks on my behalf, when I don't even seek for that person's help or something. If i want to say it, or let people know, I would have done it myself. If you stumbled upon something that is not yours in the first place, just keep it to yourself. I hate it more when people think they know you and think that they know what I want. It's like they think they are doing me a favour by speaking on my behalf because if they didn't do it, I won't do it myself. WTF? As I've said, if I want people to know, I would have tell them myself.

So I guess that's how Beyonce might feel too. Tak pasal2 maybe Taylor Swift terasa ngan dia kan? Who knows? I know Taylor might think that it's not Beyonce's fault, but tak best la. You know what I mean?

Sometimes, I do feel that the world is a better place without shallow, bitter people like Kanye. Why do you need to embarass someone, that doesn't even do anything to you?

Think about it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Iftar in California

Pizza Kitchen, KLCC that is.


Tuya felt like having pizza, so we decided to give California Pizza Kitchen ("CPK") a try last night. I think this was my 3rd time there, the 2 times were like ages ago and when their menu was limited and not as extensive as now. I remember I had my first ever creamy mushroom ravioli there (reminds me of twilight ahah), which I notice wasn't there anymore. The ravioli in the menu is with tomato sauce if I am not mistaken.

Tuya browsing mag while waiting for iftar

Anyway, they have these Ramadan "sets" for this month, but we didn't opt for that and decided to order the usual menu. In the Ramadan sets, they will include a drink, scoop of ice cream each and dates.

Anyway, last night we ordered a pizza (mushroom pepperoni thingy), a pasta (fettucine in creamy sauce with garlic chicken or something not too sure hehe) and a starter called Lettuce Wrap which I chose based on Ainbubuk's recommendation. The winner for me is Lettuce Wrap. It is actually iceberg lettuce served as wrap like in spring roll or tortila, and you wrap the filling (we chose shrimp and chicken with some eggs, water chesnut, crispy rice noodles and sweet soury sauce). I LOVED IT!!!!!!! The crunchiness of the lettuce combined with the filling, it was YUMMY! I would go there again just to have the lettuce wrap. haha. The pizza and pasta was nice too but nothing too special, i prefer the pizza and pasta in italiannies.

Garlic Chicken Fettucine RM28 i think
Mushroom pepperoni pizza RM32 (but we requested for the thin crust, so we have to add RM2)
The lettuce
The filling
Ready to be wrapped and popped in my mouth! hahah. I love these wei!

Anyway, it was a good meal, shared with special people in my life. So as usual, camwhoring session, hahah sian the camera shy Hani, kena paksa take pics. hehe.

After iftar and prayers, we just walking around KLCC and Hani was so into the Eid decoration at the Centre COurt, so we took some pics there. It was a kampung house with some characters drawn by the popular Malaysian artist, Lat. It was really nice.

me! notice the somethin' somethin'? haha
Tuya and Hani posing near the kampung house
The kampung house, view from the 1st Floor.
I have a thing for lanterns and couldn't resist taking this pic!! I LOVE THE STARS AND COLOURS! Yeay! haha looking at this makes me feel a little bit happy. heheh

Good time? Of course!

Love y'all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Iftar @ Satay Station

I have a little group of friends which we call ourselves "K-Oz". We even have our own blog hehehe. Click here to visit our blog. We used to work together but now some of us have left the organisation (in my case, went and come back again haha), and went on separate ways. We are a close knit group, we still try to keep in touch with each other.

Once in a while we try to organise a get together but sometimes not all of us can make it. Our usually reunion time is during Ramadan month. However, we haven't been doing this for about a couple of years.

This year, we had our little iftar session, although about half of the group couldn't make it. Sam, the one that moved to JB, came down for the weekend and we took the opportunity to meet him.

We had our iftar at a cozy down to earth place called "Satay Station" in Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. Click here for more info.

Satay Station is a place that specialises in "satay". On ordinary days, their menu is very simple, only satay and mee rebus. However, during Ramadan month, they offer a buffet menu, for RM38 nett for adult, and RM19 for kids below the age of 12. Kids below the age of 7, eat for free. The buffet spread was the usual Malay fare, rice with dishes like Udang Masak Lemak, Kerabu Perut, Sambal Sotong (yummy!! I like), Ayam Goreng Rempah, Stir Fried Vege, traditional Malay kuihs, bubur lambuk, fruits, they even have stalls - Roasted Whole Lamb, Noodles station (Asam Laksa, Kuey Teow and Mee Goreng), ikan bakar stall. There were free flow of Air Sirap Bandung, Orange kordial, teh tarik and coffee. Mee Rebus is also available at your request as much as you like (included in the buffet menu, but you have to order it through the waitress). HOWEVER, one thing I found weird was that the satay was not a part of the buffet deal, you have to order it separately. So there will be separate charge if you want the satay. It was weird because it is a satay place. Anyway, the owner was kind enough to give each table a "sample" of the satay during berbuka time, about 10 sticks, enough to make us want to order more (We ordered 30 sticks chicken and 30 beef). Is this good marketing? I guess. Hmm..

I think the satay was really really good. Definitely, way much better than the famous satay kajang. The meat were tender and very tasty, full of those wonderful spices in the marinade. I even ordered some to take home to my mom who loves satay (she even mentioned to order it for raya haha). The mee rebus also was very good and I also ordered a couple of packets for me mom. I'll definitely recommend the place!

The restaurant in Kampung Pandan is actually a converted traditional malay house, which is very pretty with the wooden details. It was very nice and comfy. You can choose to sit inside the house or outside. Inside there were divided into few rooms, with low marble tables, and no chairs of course. We chose to sit inside the house, so all of us have to sit on the floor, like in a typical traditional Malay house. During this Ramadan month, there were canopies outside (I feel like I was in a Malay wedding kenduri), with more tables (my friend said that usually the tables outside are without the canopies). There was also a band, and of course the buffet spread. It felt like being in a typical malay kenduri. It was so vibrant and full of life, that I feel like i was on the night before raya. heheh.

Anyway, had a good time catching up, the place was great, the food was good.For those who couldn't make it, we missed you so much!

Btw, I didn't have my camera with me, so Pootz was the photographer for the day. Thanks Pootz. Some pics for sharing. You can also see K-oz blog for pics.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sub Sebak

Malaysia's first submarine , KD Tunku Abdul Rahman reached our shores yesterday morning.

Pic from NST

Sebak wei. I feel so proud of Malaysia. I guess this is one of the best gift for Merdeka this year.

Malaysia Boleh.

The second sub, KD Tun Abdul Razak will arrive early next year

For more news and pics, click here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jawa & Penyet

Sangat mengikut theme, I had Ayam Penyet kat Restoran Ayam Bakar Wong Solo, Bangi branch, with the 2 Jawas - Jawa Jerman (jawa "mixed" katanya) and Ainbubuk (mmg darah Jawa katanya). Tapi Ayam Penyet ni asal Jawa ke? Eh tak kisah la. hehe

I sorang je la yang takde darah Jawa. Kot. Rasanya la. Confirm la rasanya takde Jawa.

Anyway, semalam agak adventureous gak la nak sampai ke destinasi... pusing sana pusing sini, last2 si Jawa Jerman yang sampai dulu. Padahal dia yang kan cheong sgt takut tak sampai. Kitaorg cool jek. Siap berenti tepi jalan tepi highway dekat2 ngan UPM sebab kete bubuk cam ada kuar bunyi yang agak menggerunkan. haha. Kitaorg sampai tu kira nice2 je la.. nak tunggu berbuka.

Semalam, sungguhla perangai memasing sopan sgt. Makan dengan sopan santun, sampai lupa nak ambik gambar makanan. Sungguh out of character gitu. Segan silu masa makan. Tgk org kiri kanan, ckp perlahan, lemah lembut.

Kitaorg order set Ayam Penyet satu sorang - ada nasi, ayam penyet, tempe, tauhu, salad, terung berlado.. I terpaksa tolak tepi sambal ayam penyet tu kerana I ni sgt sensitif orgnya. Pastu Si Jawa Jerman yang nak proofkan lagi darah Jawanya, dia order "emping". Rasanya tu kerepek malinja kan? Pastu kitaorg tambah Gado-gado ngan Terung Balado. Sgt sedap. I like.

Makan punya makan. Gossip punya gossip, time to go home already. Sgt cepat masa berlalu bila kita happy kan? Agak happy la semalam merepek2 ngan lawak2 kureng asam si Jawa2 yang menemani ku. Walaupun rasanya dorang pecah perut tak abis2 ngan kisah air mineral. Apahal korang? Nak gado?

So anyway, nak baca kisah dari side mereka, boleh baca sini and tgk gambar juga di sini.

Happy Birthday Keanu

Happy birthday baby!


Keanu is 45 years old today.

Check out his latest pics here.

New girl Keanu? Whatever makes you happy. But you know I am always here right? BOO!

I like you however you look, eventhough in those pics you look like uhmm I don't know, a really adorable, furry long haired dog? No? haha.

I even like you when you are relaxed like this, with that wet messy look? Pics from here. No?

See. I don't care how you look.

Chin up babe. You looked a lil bit sad here. I am here, don't worry k?

I even love your bikes as much as I love you. Doesn't that mean something? Eventhough you looked kinda dorky on them. hahah. I like this and this.

But i love you more when you look like this:

and this:

Eeeeekk i LOVE this pic!!

and this:

ok this is going to be endless...

i love you man.

Happy birthday. May you'll have the best year ahead and don't change the way you are.

Cute pic huh? I love his dorkiness. Got the pic here.