Thursday, August 4, 2011

Park Yoochun

Ok that pic earlier doesn't really show much about my baby keke. Except that he is cute. kan? keke

My sepet boy. He is Park Yoochun. Also known as Micky Yoochun. Yuchun in Japanese. He is 6002theMicky on twitter (ok you don't know how much I spam to his account lol). The rest you can google, if you are interested XDDD

Just thought of sharing a few of my fave pics of him. These are the recents pics.

Hahah enough lah.. till next time! Muacks

It's Been Awhile

oh wow.

It's been awhile eh? Ok sorry for the title, I just don't feel much creativity today. keke.

It's not that I forget about you, but somehow I think I spoke too much on twitter already and I feel like having nothing to say here. keke.

I don't know why suddenly this morning I feel like logging in here, and here I am.

There are so many things that happened that I can't digest it all here. So why I just look upon the future, right?

So here we are welcoming Ramadhan Mubarak again. Alhamdulillah that Allah gives us another chance to experience Ramadhan again. 1st Ramadhan has always been an emotional day for me, starting about 4 years ago? My mama had her mild stroke on the 1st day of Ramadhan, while preparing for the 1st Sahur. It was the most scariest and live changing experience for me and I believe the rest of my family. Alhamdulillah my mama is well and thankful to Allah that I have more time to spend with her.

Sooooooo have you guys seen the last Harry Potter movie? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? This alone deserved to have its own post, so I'm going to talk about it in a separate post, hopefully. hehehe. As of now, I'm still in denial that it is over. I've seen it 4 times and I still feel that they are not enough. Cried all 4 times. hahahahahaha.

One of the most exciting and nerve wrecking update about me is that I'm going to further study in September. lol. I've never expected that I'm going to do this, it has always been at the back of my mind but i've never really pursue the thought but ouit of sudden, the decision came to me in one day and then application sent and offer received and bam! registration for new students will be on 14th August 2011. InsyaAllah. I'm doing it part time, at my alma mater. Yikes! hahah even the sound of the course kinda freaking me out a bit. I have been out of school for hmmm.. 10 years? I finished my bachelor degree in 2001, convocation ceremony in 2002, called to the bar September 2002. Yes, Im that old. lol. So, the thought of going back to school is a bit scary, it's going to be challenging since I'll be working at the same time too. Camne eh? Im already usually tired at the end of the day on working days, now with classes and asisgnments? Gulps. I'm not even sure if I'm prepared for it, but I have to go through this. At the same time, I'm feeling good about it and excited. This is something to improve myself, right? Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan ku. Amin.

What else eh? oh, ah yes, I'm still into my korean world. If I didn't hear a korean word a day I feel weird now. hahahahahah. It seems like the korean world is a part of me now. lol However, I don't like all, I like only a few artistes and Im more into the dramas too. I'm also atrracted too the country, the language and the culture as well. I even have a thing for the food too now. Luckily, now halal Korean food are available, so there is room for us to know more about this culture. I even attended a korean cooking class! I even bought Korean for Dummies too. ggagagagagagagk.

Oh but i have to tell you that I may have change my love from one guy to another. Ooopsie. Well, dont blame me, I can't help it that I find the other guy more interesting. I was into Kim Hyun Joong, right? Well, I'm still into him, he is still my first Korean love. It's just that I've found my soulmate. *rolling eyes* lol. D.E.L.U.S.I.O.N.A.L. hahahahaah you know me lah.. change guys all the time. lol. If only me real life story is this exciting haha. FYI, it's still non existent. XDDDD.

Oh I miss writing in here. Somehow while I'm writing this, the mind sort of organising its thoughts. My mind has been everywhere these days. hahah. I think I'm going to try to spend more time here, as I find this is sort of calming? kekekeke. Blogging has always been therapeutic (is this the right spelling? keke too lazy to check)to me.

oh btw, this is my new love. Park Yoochun. Saranghaeeeeeeee hahahahaahah

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crazy for Hyun Joong - Part 2

Day 2.

The event was held outside Pavilion, from Bukit BIntang. If you are familiar with Pavilion, it's the wide space at La Bodega towards the Loaf.

So day 2 came. This time I was alone. I'm glad I met sha, so i can plan to "bump" into her at Pavilion. She texted me around 9 i think (i cant remember exactly what time) she said she is ready to go out. I was like WHAT? *cries* i haven't even took my bath yet. Then I packed my bags for the little get away with my friends, and getting ready. It was around 10 I think. I didn't plan to go too early. My plan was to be there 12pm the earliest as I already given my name to the fanclub to join their "queue". Then Sha texted me and said that people were already started queuing! I was suprised and got a little bit kan cheong and got ready as fast as I could and I went out of the house around 10 something. I havent had my breakfast yet, luckilly after I parked I went to buy some buns and water, raincoat.. umbrella and some tibdits..just in case.

When I reached the area, this was what I found:

This was actually taken a little bit later.. but the crowd more or less the same

At that moment, I thought to myself, am I really going to do this? Am I really gonna sit here all day? The event was scheduled to start at 5pm. Now it's about 11am. Then Sha came and found me and we talked a little bit. Sha & her friend was also sitting in queue. So I thought, ok, let's just try. Sha sat with me for awhile, trying to make me comfortable, which I thank you. If you weren't there, I don't think I went through it you know. Then after sitting there for awhile, more people came and I thought hey, Im not the only crazy one here. When the line were separated, for those under the RM50 category and RM300. I decided to let go my place at the fanclub and sit with the RM300 people. I think Im among the first 10 in the queue. We were informed that the first 200 person under the RM300 category will be given a special zone to stand. That was what I was aiming.

the line behind me.. so i was glad i came earlier, ya know?
the line in front
I was here

So I thought, what the heck, I'm already here, let's just get through it. The people in my line were pretty cool people and we talked and made friends. I sat with a 17 year old girl, who was on her break from SPM. A really sweet girl. Around Zohor time, i asked the girls in front of me to keep our places and went for prayers. After we came back, it has started drizzling. I was thinking again.. am I for real? But we already waited for about 3 hours, so what was some rain? We took out our umbrellas and sat there. As Im writing here, I still can't believe that I actually went through this.

Fans with umbrellas.

Then around 2:30pm, TFS called for the registration & doorgift. We were sitting in the line and didnt want to gave up our line but the TFS staff were kind enough to ensure that we keep our line, so she brought us to the door gift counter. We got a poster and a face mask each and we got our VIP stamp on our arms. So much for a VIP.

the so called VIP

My friend Sha waiting in her lucky winners line
me with the doorgift poster

Now all we have to do was wait. It was already past 3pm, so i was thinking what's 2 hours more. i was comfortable with the girls Im with, so it was kinda fun.

Then around 4 + they gathered us around and preparing us to go inside the special zone area. we found out that only those with RM300 postcard can enter into the area. Poor the RM50 ppl who have waited since morning. At this point, I was glad that I had the RM300 postcard. At least, I got to see him a little closer.. I may not be able to see him face to face but it beats being those at the back. So we were "let loose" into the special zone area. At this point also i was quite disappointed as we were mixed with those who were not shoppers of the RM300 category. I wont say anything but I just think that it was unfair as it was a TFS shopper event. We dug our money and bought RM300 worth of products, at least show us some special privilege. They should have allow the first 200 in first, then give the rest to who ever.

Anyway, I was tired already and seriously i was not in the mood already. People were pushing and it was stuffy and super hot. Some girls beside me were those hyper types and kept screaming. I've been to quite a number of concerts but I never get annoyed like this. Maybe I was moody and tired too so probably I got easily agitated that day. Seriously at this time, I thought to myself, WHY AM I HERE? I was alone (i know i met nice people here) but I was alone. When we stood there, we were on our own. We were already separated. I was like 4-5 rows from the barricade. As time went on, I was pushed further back. I was too lazy to fight with these people anymore. So I just thought I just get what I can. HJ actually came a little bit earlier than 5pm which i was grateful.

My view. erk

erm i was here. >.<

Crowd went crazy of course.. but as he went on stage he was concerned with the crowds on the left side of the stage. He actually gestured "stop" with his hand because he didnt want any unfortunate event to happen. As i understand, the barricade that side moved as the crowd were pushing. That was my fave moment of the entire event. hehehe the always-caring side of HJ.
He was telling the fans not to push

My friend sha getting his autograph on stage

After I went to take a breather... more air here.. look how many people kept me away from HJ hahahah

I actually took some vids of his arrival but at that chaotic moment I deleted some of the vids accidentally. My friend Sha went on stage (yes she was one of the lucky winners) took some of her pics and after that, I went to the back of the crowd. It was too stuffy for me. There weren't much to see anyway, HJ came on at first, and launched a new product, then the autograph session, took photos with the lucky winners, autograph session again.. then said goodbye. I did get a pretty good fancam for the last bit and caught his only english words "Thank you very much, I love you." Ngeeeeeeee. THen off he went.

Here is a couple of pic I took from THEFACESHOP MALAYSIA official facebook page. Click here for the album. Credit goes to them.. just to show the crowd from the stage.

the crowd from the stage. so this was how HJ saw us? I probably at the place i marked in red

hahahaha u can see me here! :P

I didn't take a lot of pics, it was hard and my cam has only 4x zoom so I couldnt really get close up photos. However, im satisfied with what I have and Im glad I took the last video. You can see more of my photos here.

You can see my vids here and here.

And thanks to kimhyunjoongperfect, you can also see me here at 0:04 hahahah! see the crowd?

I went to say goodbye to my new friends and then I just went home and waited for my friends to pick up for our little get away.

It was truly unbelievable. I can't believe i sat on the pavement for nearly 6-7 hours.

But i got what I want. To see Hyun Joong in front of me.

I guess, that alone is worth of all the trouble.

After that event, I told my friends that I was not sure if I want to do it again. But right now, Im still sick with the effect of HJ visit here, I probably take it back. If i have the time, the strength and supporting friends, I might do it again. and oh, after i uploaded pics on FB, i found out that there were quite a number of HJ friends among my friends and said that they wanted to follow me for HJ's visit next time. hahah. I guess before this they were too shy to admit :P

Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me what you want. All in all, I really did what I really want ^^

The most importantly, in the process, I've met with new friends, which I find amazing what one common thing can bring people together ^^

And oh, this vid by Mykpophuntress brought tears to my eyes everytime I watch it. hahhahahah yes, im still crazy for HJ.

For more photos of the whole visit, you can go to THEFACESHOP MALAYSIA official facebook page here

Crazy for Hyun Joong - Part 1

The craziest thing I ever done in my entire 33 years life.

Seriously this tops the list.

If you know me, you know that I get celebrity crushes all the time. The top of my list is of course my darling Keanu Reeves, everyone who knows me knows that. Even my late grandmother knows that. hehe. If you followed my blog, you noticed there are a few crushes I have.

So, anyway, as you may have noticed, the latest celeb crush is of course, Kim Hyun Joong. If you noticed as well, I kinda slow in blogging after I'm into him? hahahaha so you see my mind has been taken over by this Korean guy called Kim Hyun Joong. Because of him, i'm into the korean entertainment world. I may not be an expert, but I'm enjoying at my own pace. But, everything korean leads back to Hyun Joong.

And because of him, I did something I never ever thought I would do. I waited in line to see 40 minutes of him in the flesh for nearly 7 HOURS! or 6. I reached Pavilion aarea around 11am. He came before 5pm and left before 6 pm.

By far, this seriously is the craziest thing i ever done in my celeb obssession. and oh, how can i forget? I WENT TO HIS ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT! HHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH I EVEN TOOK A HALF DAY LEAVE FOR IT?

I still can't believe I did that. It has been a week since my adventure, I still get goosebumps thinking how unbelievable it was.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about. Ok so, let me tell you the story. Kim Hyun Joong has been appointed as the official spokeperson for THEFACESHOP. THEFACESHOP is a leading Korean cosmetic brand and Malaysia (from what I found out) is the second biggest partner after China. Impressive ey. BElieve me, I have no idea about this until Kim Hyun Joong becamse the spoke person. I had never entered into its shop too. UNTIL KIM HYUN JOONG.

See, now you know I'm not kidding when I told you Kim Hyun Joong has taken over my sanity. lol

I don't know about him. Why I like him so much. I just do. Not like. LOVE. I swear we have a relationship. XD. Somewhere. Faraway fan - celeb relationship. Then people say, when you are in love, there is no reason. You just feel it. Right?

Gosh, what have i become. hahahaha.

So anyway, let me ge to the adventure. I didnt win the lucky draw contest. :( The lucky draw winners got to meet him on stage and get his autograph right there and then. I was quite depressed for not winning. You know how that feel? It felt like he's right in front of you but you can't do anything. It hurts. I was heartbrooken. Not kidding. When I entered the contest, of course at the back of my mind didn't really put much hope. But that's a lie. Of course i really hope to win. Combined with kak tine, I spent nearly RM400 just to enter into the lucky draw.

I did plan a little bit and applied leave just in case as I've been discussing with my friend from Sarawak thinking of stalking HJ. As my friend couldn't make it, I didn't want to do it alone. It's sad enough that I'm going to the Fan gathering alone.. but not to the airport too right.

HJ schedule was - from Singapore to Malaysia on the 3rd, 4th Dec the fan gathering & autograph sessions at pavilion and on the 5th, TFS outlets visit on Pavilion & Sunway Pyramid. As I've already made plans with my girls Lin and Hani for a weekend getaway, I cannot go to the 5th event.

I managed to get his flight and hotel information from my friend b, thank you so much for all the help and tips! At that time I still I havent decided whether Im actually going to do it. I didn't even have a camera!

On the 2nd dec night, i really wanted to go and i asked my dear bubuk if she can accompany me. She said yes! if not for bubuk, i wouldn't have the chance to meet HJ upclose. Well, not close enough but to see him real life. So i went to work on the 3rd, with 1/2 day leave on my mind and going to the airport. That morning when I was in a meeting for a project i loathe, i received a phone call but i couldnt pick it up. I called it back, it went unanswered and i called so many times! I wasnt expecting any phone call except for TFS. I still didnt know who the caller, but in my heart that time i really think it was TFS. Somehow I got very emotional, i cant even focus on the meeting. Luckily the meeting was a simple one, and i didnt really need much concentration. hahah.

As I went out of the meeting, i decided, JUST GO! So i packed my stuff and left office and went to pick up bubuk. Bubuk brought her 3 months old baby, Darin.. all for my craziness. Now when I thought about it, i exposed darin with so many risks. but alhamdulillah, it went smoothly and Darin is fine :) and she was a doll on that day.

HJ was scheduled to arrive from singapore at 5:55pm. We reached KLIA at about 530pm and I straight away looked for my twitter friend Sha. Found her, did our greeting and we waited. There were a number of Triple S Malaysia there (Triple S is reference to fan club for HJ's band SS501).., there were green balloons and they were singing the fan song "Green Peas". As it was my frist experience, I find it very exciting and somehow Im glad that they werent too many fans there, so I got a better chance to see him. We waited at the glass barricade outside the arrival hall as we thought we could see him better. I was so nervous and bubuk was asking me if i would like to have her corn in cup and i said i cant eat anything. of course, she still teases me about that. lol.

Fans waiting for HJ

My new friend Sha, we met for the first time here after knowing each other about a week on twitter? lol. Simply awesome.

My loyal friend bubuk and her daughter Darin. Thank you, it wouldnt not be possible without you.

Anyway, HJ came out at about 6:40-ish pm and I caught it on vid. hahaha. somehow my stupid vid got nearly 5K views? HHAHAH. i had my phone (on video mode) on my left hand and I got bubuk's camera on my riight hand (for stills). when he came out, i sort of forgot that I had the video on my hand as i was running to the exit. Oh yes, bubuk also was running with me, together with Darin in tow and the stroller! LMAO!. Bubuk got excited as I was after seeing how good looking HJ was in real life. haha. We were actually quite near.. but somehow, I was i don't know, shocked? That I didn't really know what to do. He was stalled for quite awhile waiting for his car to arrive but I didnt know what I did..but somehow, when I crossed to the otherside, I got to be by his vehicle, a Toyota Alphard and I was on his side. So I can actually see him at the window. I waved. HHAHHAHA.. it took about i dont know 5 minutes? max is 10 minutes. I think it was less than that.

HJ was actually tall but small. His frame is quite small. And now I believe when people refer to him as "walking statue". He is unbelievably good looking. By far, he is the most good looking beautiful person i've ever seen.

You can see my video here but see it with caution. hahahahaa. You'll get what I mean about 2-3 seconds when you see the video. See the vid here: you can even hear my footsteps. lol.

And these are the only pics i got .. lol

His flight

THERE HE IS! Marked red. lol

Stopped as he was greeted by TFS staff

shaking shaking!!!

The back of his head haha

His ride. He was sitting behind the driver ^^

One of the most memorable moment in my life. It was crazy, exciting, fun, and I'm glad i just went for it. TO tell you the truth, i love this moment than the fan gathering. I may not be able to see him up close, up close. But i was there. I WAS THERE! I saw him! and oh, you can see me in this vid at minute 2:06 far right hahahaha. i was about to cross the road. Wearing purple top and black pants. either u see or miss it :P Credit goes to the owner of the vid

I'm still smitten XD


Alhamdulillah, I'm 33 years old now.

Some people sigh for adding numbers to their age.. for me, it's a blessing for being "allowed" to live 33 years already. With all prayers, may we all be around long enough to have many more birthdays.

I wish for than good health, good fortune, and always surrounded by my loved ones.

Thank you for all your prayers :)

Oh, how can I forget the priceless "trending party" my friends did for me on twitter. lol. it may not reached the trending list, but, this tops on my list. Check out some of the trending "birthday jan" i screencapped.

Thanks my dear @lizipohmali @mirs_ana

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Jan Khan's Dream Korea Itinerary!

Hi guys!! please click on the link and vote for me.. tweet, like, etc. would help. love u guys!

Jan Khan's Dream Korea Itinerary!

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Plum Cake Tatin

Ok referring to my previous post. I just changed my url tumblr from to

Just because.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just would like to inform you guys that I spent more time on tumblr than here these days.

Was introduced to it sometime last week and got addicted already.

Check out my tumblr here