Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Potterheadititis is back!

Remember these dates:

19th November 2010 and 15th July 2011

WHY?? Because that's when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premieres. As you know, it will be in 2 parts, hence the 2 dates.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER?????? It was AWESOME. I wanna cry, I wanna scream, I can feel this electric sensation from my toes crawling up to my head when I saw it. I wanna cry because I can't wait.. I also wanna cry because it was hard enough for me reading the book, I cannot imagine how I am watching the movie. Like usual, I'm gonna take a day off to watch the movie. Anyone wants to join? I'm planning to watch it maybe twice, back to back? What say you? hahaha

Enough talk, if you haven't seen it, go here.

And read this, this is exactly how I felt when I saw it. hehehe.

Are you excited? I AM MORE THAN EXCITED! I'm still hyperventilating. Im supposed to be excited about the Eclipse premiere which I'll be attending next week, but Im more excited this little trailer. I feel guilty. hehe. Im scared now to watch the movie because this trailer is only 2:29 minutes and I've gone crazy already. hahahaha.

Gonna start reading the book again. Watching this trailer puts me in Harry Potter mood.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

Ok, if you followed my tweets, you won't missed my "drama" about work. LOL.

Aish.. i'm the type that didn't really like to talk about work when I am not at work. If you noticed, I hardly write about work in here, and on my fb etc.. but, lately seriously, and twitter has become sort of like my journal, i can't help it but ranted there.

I just have to. I'm so sorry about those tweets, but hey, it did made me feel better after writing. hehe. I think a couple of my friends are "amused" with those tweets. lol. Seriously, I need to tone down my drama. hahah. not going to happen soon, i know.

The past week was the busiest week I think. In the midst of my Macarons class then it was one of my best friend's wedding, Syira's wedding.. then all of the sudden, came this contract negotiation. I was so stressed out. If the meeting was the week before or even next week, i think i would not be as stressed out. I hated when I have something I love to do (going to Macarons class and Syir's wedding) then I have to do something which I dont quite like (ok that's an understatement).

So anyway, I didn't really want to talk much about it, I've done it in my tweets but I think I've learned a lot during those hard times. One, it's lucky to have a friend who supported you all the way. Thanks Pootz. Without you, I think I've lost my sanity by now. I think if I were to go there alone, I'll cry all day. lol. Not kidding. It was kinda torture to me. Meeting all day. The hotel we stayed was superb. It was Thistle, in Port Dickson. I loved the room!!!! (I fell in love with the window seat)...

My fave part of the room!!!! the window seat

I absolutely adore the toiletries' bottles

It is in Port Dickson and of course it was by the beach. Imagine that I stayed there for 3 nights and 3 days.. i couldn't even see the beach. It was room to meeting room to restaurant and back.

This is as far as I can see the beach. eh where's the beach? i cant even see the sea from here.

Another lesson I learnt is about learning how to control your emotions, your composure and patience during contract negotiations. Another one is that you have to know your stuff very well...I've been to contract negos of course but they were not like this. At the same time, I think I'm lucky because this is the type of negos all should go to learn. I kept thinking about my colleagues, and thought that it would be good if they were there with me, learning with me. All this learning process of course credit goes to Pootz.

Another reason in keeping my sanity intact.

The project is still running, I am still required to attend meetings for this project but main bulk, that is the contract, has already been at least negotiated. It's only for fine tuning later. But hey that didn't stop me having more drama. Read all my tweets from yesterday and today. :P

One plus point in this particular matter is that the Turkish guy (our partner) was pretty interesting looking. Got a pretty interesting name too. Like something out of Star Trek. kekeke.

Anyway, have a great weekend ya'll!!! I'll be chilling out with my dear dear Bubuk which I haven't hang out for quite awhile and the girls, for Sada's belated birthday. july should be a good month, lots of weddings, birthdays. Hope work won't dampened my spirits.

Love ya lovelies ^^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mighty Macarons

Remember the gift certificate I received from my SIL Kak Tine for my 32nd birthday last December? hehehehe.. click here to refresh.

So finally I was able to attend the class. My original plan to attend for the bread class didn't come about because the timing clashed with my other plans. I also successfully persuaded my long time best friend Jie to come and join the class! I am glad we went together because both of us were very passionate about this things! haha. right jie?

Anyway, I think I made the right choice of choosing the Mighty Macarons class, because I think if I were to try this on my own, I would have given up even before trying! Click here for more info about the class. Reading the recipe alone intimidated me and when Rohani (the teacher) briefed us, I was actually very nervous to try. Once we started making it, hey, it wasn't that complicated at all.. I mean the ingredients are very simple and easily available. The thing which makes making macarons very hard and fussy is the preparation. Of course when I attended the class, each ingredients were already pre-prepared for me, all I do was mixing them together. So I would be a little bit nervous in making them on my own at home. hehehe. But I can't wait to try!

Oh by the way, before I attended this class, I never had macarons before. So today was my first time tasting how macarons tasted like. I had coffee, chocolate, pistachio, rose and green tea. Out of all these, i think I love the coffee and chocolate ones. hehehe which my friend Jie made. Mine was pistachio and rose flavoured. My verdict: macarons are too sweet for my liking although it was yummy. I would eat them of course, but they are too darn sweet! They were yummy, but after of those, I already felt sugar sick (i dont know if there is such a phrase but that was how i felt lol) despite that, today I had .. hmm let me count.. i dunno, about 7? or 8? hahah enough sugar for me for a week!

So let's see the pics ok?

That's the main house at Bayan Indah

View from the house

These babies greeted us. This was when I had my first taste of macarons. It was seriously yummy.

My work space. Btw, we were divided into pairs... (but the one in the pic was not my partner keke) based on our chosen flavours. Oh and this is also the end of HQ pics. lol. The memory card of the camera I brought were full!!! Arrgh so frustrating. So I just have to take pics using my phone.

The wide class.. I simply love this kitchen and I wish one day I'll have a kitchen this big! lol

These are made by myself and my partner, a retired 63 year old teacher, who was very cool. On top were the rose flavoured and below was pistachio macarons, before sandwiched with filling

Aren't they a cutie? Rose flavoured macarons with lychee filling. the pistachio ones were filled with crystallised ginger. Out of these 2, i prefer the rose one. and the lychee really goes well with rose. they sounded romantic too. hehe

With Rohani, the culinary extraordinaire. heheh I am going to make her my idol. seriously i love her. haha.

With my darling Jie after class.

I really enjoyed the class by Rohani and I want to go for other classes if I have extra money. This is also the most unique and valuable gift I have ever received. Thank you Kak Tine. There are some classes which I am very interested to join like the bread class, strudels.. .. If money is no issue, I would want to go at least once a month! hahaha. The environment was very serene, beautiful and Rohani is a very cheerful and cool teacher. I've only attended one class, but I would really recommend to people to go for Rohani classes.

For more pics... click on my facebook album here.

So, did anyone miss me? hehe.