Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reporting in from Cameron Highlands

The Khans are in Cameron Highlands, baby!!!!

This is Day 2, sightseeing day. All I want to see is the greeny tea plantation. I love the sight, can't wait.

Yesterday, reached the government house we are staying at approx 3pm. All we did was just lazying around and eat strawberriessssssssssssssssssss!! OMG... the strawberries were cheap at the pasar malam here. Too bad that they won't last long. I'll try to bring some back for friends, but no promises, ok?? Maybe strawberry tea or jam as substitute???

and here, it is SUPER COLD. My body is adjusting to the climate last night, my body felt warm like I am having fever.

Anyway, will report in later or when I get back, gtg.

Some preview pics,... alll pics courtesy of my bro, Dik.

Have a great weekend!

Strawberries with chocolate we had at the house for tea
View on the way up... i took this pic while my bro was driving

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Want My Baby!!

Have you heard????



*glee with excitement*

OMG OMG OMG.. menggeletaq ok..

I have to go. I HAVE TO GO.

His show is on 5th March 2010, in Plenary Hall, KLCC Convention Centre.

For more info visit the ticketing site, Axcess. Can also go to the organiser's website.

You going?? Count me in!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

D'lish Breakfast

Notice that ever since Ain got married, she got little time to eat out? Yeahhhh she's a super goody wife now, working full time at home, cooking for beloved husband. (Ngumpat Ain dowh)

One of the things I miss most that she is now no longer a salaried servant is our little adventures after work. When J & Ain were together, we always got something under our sleeves. hahaha mostly were shopping (ain was busy with her wedding preparations) and foodie adventures. I remember Ain's puasa ganti days.. we practically eat out everyday. Pokai bulan tu!! Fun times! :))

Oohh i miss those bubur in Kampung Baru, Ayam Penyet, satay & char kuey teow in jalan peel, those sengkuang with that purple paste & cucur udang in Chow Kit, arrghhh hahah stress.... Ainnnnnnnnnnn get back to work in KL, pleassssseeeeeee

haha but if she works, then she longer cook for me then. hahaha. ok ok.. no lah kidding. Cepat2 la dpt keje ayer oii.. I always pray for you ok.

Now our "little adventures" has now become my little trips after work to her house. I am so ever grateful that her house is nearby my house, about 10 mins away, about a shout away from my brother's home. So going to her house is practically on the way home, so a drop to her house is always something to look forward to.

So anyway, last Sunday since my date for breakfast cancelled on me, so I straight away thought about Ain. I thought it would be nice to go out with her in the morning so that she'll have time to cook and do the house chores after that, you know? I thought that while her hubby is still sleeping, we could catch up. Hey, breakfast is perfect time man.

So we went to D'lish, Bangsar Village. It was my second time there though. The first time I went I didn't really have time to take pics cuz was busy chatting away with my friend Syir. So this time I made a mental note to take some pics to blog about.

I love breakfast time. I love that the world is still asleep.

And I love D'lish. Very comfy. The food, well, was good, not extraordinary (still thinks La Bodega has the best breakfast. ohh those mushrooms, ohh those beef.. ok enough back to reality).

The menu

Ala you know I like these kind of places, quiet, white, comfy place where we can sit and chat. The last time I went I sat inside, but this time we sat outside, and I think outside is better. It was not hot, since there were ceiling fans and plants blocking the glaring from the pavement.

Ehem.. look at the bling2 hehe
Grass (or some taugeh or some sort haha) in a can gracing the table, which we like. yeah easy pleased people, we know. we love simplicity.
Reading the 3 course dinner set menu, only for RM33. Notice the wooden spoon as table no? Cuteyyyyyyy, yeah easy pleased again. Look behind me, those are the plants. Beyond the plants is the open air parking lot
Ain, more comfy, on the "couch"

Let's see what we had:

Ain's big breakfast - with sausages, sauteed mushroom, eggs (choice of scrambled, omelette, sunny), chicken slice?, bread, baked beans, hash brown. tomatoes. I had this before so I opted for the pancakes. It wasn't extraordinary, I think I can cook better than this.. most of the items are premade i think (the hashbrowns, sausages, chicken or turkey slice) heheh but if I cook myself, i would want the bread. Will look out for the bread.
For RM19.80, it came with a coffee of your choice (ain's was cappucino) and freshly squeezed orange juice
My blueberry pancakes!! they were so fluffy!!!! if I am not mistaken it was RM15.90, drinks have to order separately.

Look at them fluffy. Yums!! served with bananas and maple syrup.

D'lish has become one of the places which I think I would come again, basically with friends, to catch up and talk. I love Bangsar Village too because it was not busy at this time of day.

So, who's up for next breakfast date? I think I would like to try their waffles next.

D'lish is located inside Village Grocer (the supermarket) in Bangsar Village. There is also another entrance from parking in front. Click here for the website.

Hey I looked in my archive.. and found this. Same top and scraf (on kak tine) hehe.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sour Plum

For those who know me, knows that I love sour fruits and candies.

One of my fave fruits is plum, but I am quite picky. I hate the soft ones. My fave is the crunchy ones.

I had these today:

OMG look how beautiful the flesh is? So yellow, so fresh, so crunchy!!! (notice the big bite)

8 for RM10. Pretty expensive eh? hmm..

Anyway, I had two already and I don't think they will survive til tomorrow.

I know they are sour, but they never failed to put a smile on my face. Who says sour things can't make you happy? Ngeeeeeeeeeee


Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Heart the Weekend

Well, who doesn't? :P

So how's your weekend?

My weekend started off with my darling D's birthday celebration @ Red Box, The Gardens. The food sucks (hahah what is me without talking about food?) but the time spent with my girlies beat all that. I am so happy that D looked like she enjoyed herself very much and that she seems delighted with my gift. Happy birthday D, I wish you all the best things in the world, may all your dreams came true (if not now, in the future).

D, looking quite delighted with my gift. hehe. (Photo credit to Tuya)
I love this pic! (Photo credit to Dang)
love the lovely lanterns in the Gardens. I have a thing for lanterns. I think I have mentioned it a few times in this blog. hehehe.
Yours truly, showing off the green bag yeayyyyyyy. Ok sorry for keep talking about the green bag, but I just love it so much!

Then, today, I was supposed to go out and have an way overdue catching up session which Syaz, but Syaz cancelled (kinda bummed but we promised to meet up soon, so many things to catch up - she just got back from New York!!) so then I thought, hey it would be nice to kidnap Ain instead, with Anas' permission of course. Texted her near midnite on Saturday, told her the plan and she was up for it but we have to wait for Anas' green light. And we got the green light this morning! yeay!

Ain wanted dim sum, but I didn't know any place that have halal dim sum for breakfast (any suggestions, please?) and I felt like having pancakes. I was thinking to go to the Pink Sage (as I've heard lots of good reviews about their breakfast and I've never been there) but luckily did a quick google and found out they moved to Solaris, Mont Kiara from Jalan Dang Wangi KL. Their website is not updated, but luckily I found their Facebook page. I didn't want to go to an unfamiliar place, so I decided to go D'lish, Bangsar Village. Will tell about the breakfast in a separate post. But here is a preview;
My lovely blueberry pancakes and pisang emas. hahaha

Got back home around 11am, and then went out again to see the Tooth Fairy with the kids. Well, the movie was pretty ok. The Rock is huge as always. haha. Well, you can never go wrong with light family comedy. But if you have nothing better to do, instead of watching this, got watch Avatar for your 10th time. hahah. I just went to see because well i like the Rock and I wanted to spend time with my nephews and niece.

Got back home again around 3, had Cik Su's awesome soto and planned the next weekend family trip to Cameron Highlands with the "committee" ahahha then suddenly Lachik said that he felt like having some cream puffs. I don't why, but suddenly I felt like making them. The day was too hot for baking and I am not an expert in making the pastry in fact I hate making them because they involved a lot of process but I just felt like making them since I didn't have anything else to do (erm actually no, my room is still waiting for its long overdue spring cleaning hahah, but give me the kitchen any time, I'll be more than happy to be in the kitchen than cleaning up my mess) lol.

So these babies popped out, and the kids seemed to enjoy them and they were all finished in a couple of hours. I took some pics while making them, and will share them later.
My lovely choux pastries/profiteroles

OK now the weekend is almost over, and I have this super lazy feeling about going to work tomorrow. This is when I wished that the weekend is longer (well, again, who doesn't?) or that tomorrow is a public holiday or that I should have applied for leave. Kihkih wishful thinking

I should have taken the weekend slow, but what, miss all this? No way. I rather be exhausted than miss all these wonderful times with loved ones.

Well, tomorrow is Monday, and let's hope it will be kind to me (and to all of you too!!)

Hope you had a great weekend and have a good week ahead!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Snaps

I am at work today, yes it is Saturday (I can never stop having grudges on having to work on a Saturday). I was kinda bored (although I just received an assignment from the boss), so I was cleaning up my phone's photo album and found some randoms pics taken which I find quite interesting to share. hehehe..

Dik, as Jack Sparrow.. hahahahahahaha ok this is funny
My older bro, Lachik, pic taken by 2 1/2 year old niece Akisha. I like this pic because Lachik is usually this "serious" kinda of guy (it is so hard to get him to smile when taking pictures), so sometimes it is nice to see his "goofiness"
Ok, this is my 9 year old nephew Adam, when his lips got stung by some kind of insect... pretty scary eh? Rasa nak nangis tgk beb..
Ain looking very excited, on our trip to the florist somewhere in Pudu, surveying flower for her wedding
My chums at work, Pootz and Lyn, really enjoying themselves (tengah kepedasan actually) with Ayam Penyet at Wong Solo, Taman Dagang Ampang
My nephews, Imran and Adam, playing kite (my trex kite) at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn park, although it was not really at the park, but an open space beside it. Perfect place for kiting. See my kiting adventure here.
Tuya's girl, Airis... looking very glum hahahaha.. i think this was taken at her bday party, while she was getting ready
This is my niece, Akisha, looking very puzzled here.
Ain's hantaran cake to Anas, made by my sister in law, Kak Tine. Decoration (ribbons and fresh flowers) by Ain & Chot
My new crocs, cotton candy Malindi, bought in December
Ain & her designer best friend Tasha (aka Chot), during Ain's fitting for her wedding dress @ Salikin
Found this.. hehehe couldn't resist sharing, the place cards for the Bachelorette Party. They are quite cute aren't they? I made them myself hehe
My fave breakfast at the moment - Coffee Bean's bagel with cream cheese
Chicken skewers @ Delicious. Not recommended, ok? Better order something else.
new addition to my soft toy babies at work - gifts from friends at work, Ejal (the mouse) and Kak G (the bear)
My bday gift for myself, an Accesorize bag, which I absolutely adore!! I love this baby so much, I think it is made of tweed, with knitted flowers, cute button and a gold metal butterfly. It took me 3 visits to Accesorize to finally decide to buy it. Termimpi2 you! haha.
Ok don't get me wrong, that is not beer ok?? It a peachy drink my brother ordered for me during lunch at an Arabic restaurant in Putrajaya. Saba i think the place is called. Good food there.
My nephew, Irsyad acting cute. haha.
Myself, today. Pink & green, what do you think?

Well I guess that's all. Enough sharing. hehehe.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

French Toast

I didn't have French Toast for breakfast, but I had a meeting with 3 French people instead. hehe.

This was my first time working with the french, I know my colleagues have the experience but not me. As much as I hate going into a meeting last minute, but then again, it was pretty interesting. Not about the meeting but looking at these people. hahahah. From their accent to their commitment towards their work. They seemed very serious and very protective of their "business" so to speak.

After the meeting, I feel this buzzzing sound in my head. hahaha. Well, their accent was quite thick when they speak in English. I zzink zee contentz of zzee proposaal doezznt 'ave much change... we zink eett eezz enough.. we cannottt reduce zzeee prizze. HAHAHHAHAHA

OMG. I feel like I wanted to speak like that the whole day. hahaha.

And oh yeah, they also told us that "We wear Gucci. Louis Vuitton are for tourists".

Gucci, baby!!!!! (not that i can afford both Gucci and LV) but, from these 2, i prefer Gucci!

Just the 2 of Us

I was having my bad tudung day. haih.

Told ya Tuya told me that my birthday celebration does not end yet because I haven't gone out with her.

So last Saturday, we went out together, just the 2 of us. The last time we went out was for Tuya's birthday in August last year but were accompanied by darling Airis. We see each other few times of course but not going out, going out. Ya know? I know it's been awhile but I hope that we can see more of each other Tuy. I miss you!

Nothing really fancy was planned, it was just that we want to spend time together. It was simple, but the time spent was precious. Reminds me how much I miss Tuya and us being together.

So anyway, what did we do really?? Window shopping, from the Curve bazaar (which we love but didn't buy anything - yeay!) to furniture and household items in Ikea (I was looking for a simple desk - no intention to buy just browsing but Tuya ended up buying some stuff including a red waste paper basket which is only RM2.90!) and then we had lunch at Italiannies.

Pretty lanterns me likey. Bersusah payah photographer amik gambar ni tau
We both love this bag but ended up not buying. RM45. Do you think it's worth it? Me don't think so.
Tuya si penjual baju. heheh
I love this top, but not my size, as always.
Ikea at the back. Tuya Happily posing with her big blue bag (containing a waste paper basket, 3 pairs of scissors and there was something else but i forgot)
buat perangai!!!!!!!!!
hahah snob! sila sila makan
The very bland pizza (as starter for the promotion 2 course meal for RM27.90. i didn't like this pizza)
mogok lapar! hahaha
tu ar food makan arrr - roast chicken and clam linguini
kan happy dah dpt makanan hahah
me like this pic :)

Thanks Tuy, for spending time with me... and thank you for the gift (yes the green one! heehee)

Can't wait for our outing next time!

oh and ermmm some silly pics on the way back! :P

Tuya smelly!!