Monday, August 31, 2009


Isn't it a bliss just spending time doing nothing at home? Well not doing nothing exactly, I need to do the normal house chores, but, ya know, just relaxing.. doing what I want to do etc.. ya get what I mean?


I am feeling very much better than I was in the last post. kehkehkeh. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for all your concerns. I love you guys. :)

Maybe all I need is a couple of days' rest (and awesome new earphones.. yeah! hahah).

I am going out for iftar later with my bros and cuz. Nice indeed.

Anyway, Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Hate This Part

I've been unhappy lately.

I don't like to say it but yes, that's whats going on right now.

It's all comes down about work. I hate it when I don't like to go to work or be at work, because it will effect everything around me. It's hard to wake up in the mornings and when I reached the office, I can't wait to go home. The only thing that keep me sane are my friends here.

I don't hate the things I do here, I love my job but I can't stand the other things anymore. I don't like to talk about work here so I won't go into details, but I need just need let it out of my chest a little bit today, ya know? I've been browsing through those job ads, but I am not too sure if my situation is too extreme for me to take the jump. It is extreme actually. *$&%^#& ah! I love the job here, and especially my friends here. So it would be a very difficult decision to leave. It's hard to make decision to leave if the reason you leaving is not because of the job but other things like the "upper" people and how they treat you. You have been performing but it is not rewarded (but other people, dpt pulak?). Sucks kan?

I thought I am over this phase. I thought I don't have to worry about work. But this has affected me this past few weeks. I am so down about work, I am so demotivated but of all days, these past couple of weeks has been the busiest and I have to support the team. Ironic right? I am tired, mentally and physically. I feel like I want to take a few days leave lah.

Anyway, eventhough the above things I said made me unhappy, I am more upset about my earphones!!!! HAHAHA. No sound come out from the left speaker. I am in dire need for new earphones. And it decided to fail on me at the end of the month where the fund is nearly gone. Awww this sucks! You know how I am with my ipod. Need to buy a new one soon. But of yeah, I also heard that the salary might be late this month, so my earphones just have to wait a little bit longer. Told ya it sucks.

*sigh* well, I hope you guys are feeling better than me.

Eh, wait, on a happier note, my sis in law Ida suprised me last Sunday with a super early birthday present. I was so suprised. hahaha. segan pun ada. My birthday is like 4 months away. She gave me a turquoise pendant, she said there were only one left so she just bought it for me. So nice kan my sis in law. I told her the other day when I saw her pendant that I always wanted a turquoise pendant or bracelet because it is my birthstone (but it's not fun buying on my own kan? Hahaha but I didn't tell her that lah). Thank you Kak Ida. I love it!

I wanna see this. Jom?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends and family, Salam Ramadhan.

Semoga tahun ni lebih diberkati, di murahkan rezeki dan dapat menjalankan ibadah puasa dengan sempurna. Amin.

Maaf zahir batin.

Chillin' @ Chilli's

Both me & Ain has been a lil bit unhappy for these couple of weeks due to work issues (which I think won't be going away soon). Not going into details.

So anyway, both of us noticed that we were not like our usual self, always excited about anything. So yesterday after work, we wanted to ya know, "chill" to lift our spirits up, but ya know, it is the end of the month, so the "fund" is a little bit low. hhhahahah.

Anyway, we still decided to go to Chilli's KLCC. Just because I wanted to have the tostadas. It's only belas2 what.. so within the budget. hahaha.I haven't been to Chilli's for such a long time. I am not a big fan of Mexican food, but I like Chilli's for lepaking. Anyway, there is on thing I love in Chillis which I think they have the best tostadas and my fave, the beef queso. The best thing is that, maybe most of you already know, the tostadas come bottomless, with the salsa. Oh yeah!! And for me, Chilli's tostadas are the best, very thin, crispy, fresh and crunchy.

So anyway, we felt a lil bit happier leaving Chilli's, managed to forget for awhile about work. It was good time spent, just the 2 of us, talk about nothing and laughed like nobody cares. And the bill? RM40.15. RM20 each, ain paid extra RM0.15. hahahah. Just within the budget at the end of the month.

SUngguh puas hati muka kamu noorain!
i loveeeeee this!!!! seriously. we managed to finish 2 "bakul" of these last night. ahhaah.
Oh yeah baby, that's our beef queso, all those cheesy goodness. hahaha.
New on the menu, buffalo chicken sandwich or burger or something lah didnt really remember what it's called. There were 4 little burgers, with crispy onion strings and french fries on the side. about RM19.95.
Meditating? HAHAHA.
Muka puas hati dapat apa yang diidamkan.

Esok dah puasa.. sure terliuq tgk gambar ni kan? hahah.


Ayam Percik

I made Ayam Percik for lunch, last Sunday.

Wanna see?

Hehhehe. Want the recipe? Family secret. Email me. haha.

Sesuai for berbuka puasa. Yummy.

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan loves!

Enjoy the pics!

The "grill" with charcoal inside
The chicken is being grilled. woohhooo (chicken simmered on fire in water mixture with onions, garlic, ginger, salt and a little family secret haha, simmer until the chicken is cooked but not too soft)
Chicken feet! Our fave (simmered in water too like above)

Chicken, well done, ready to pour the gravy on
Gravy (combination of thick coconut milk, blended onions, garlic, chili paste, fermented shrimp paste "belacan", some palm sugar, salt to taste - simmer in pan)
That's the way we do it
Yummy feet
Second coating
Done grilling, ready to be served
Taddaaa... Finger lickin' good! Yummy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Heheh just wanted to share some silly pics taken during my nephew, Irsyad's first bday party pics..

Being at a 1 year old bday party, there is nothing we can do right? WRONG! hhahaha.. we amuse ourselves of course!!

Anyway, had a great time at the party, eventhough it was raining, but it was good spending time with family and close friends.

I loveeee the colours, don't you?

Me & Ain, with Roary the racing car sticker on our faces, the theme for Irsyad's bday
peekaboo! bday boy surrounded by balloons
What's up with the face? I was hit by a waterbomb! yes, there were a waterbomb fight
Very happy looking birthday boy (he was cranky throughout the party though)
With his parents, my SIL tine and older bro, Rizal. See told ya he was cranky
Ain, the balloon model
Ain, contributing her talent to our own little colouring contest. haha. It was supposed for the kids, but the kids were having much more fun in the pool, so we took over and had fun too hehe.
Uhm.. me with my cousin Kiddo, kissing the balloon. Pity him. haha. And with my lil bro at the background, who looked like he was doing some ballet moves. haha
My cousin Jemi, with the balloons, looking very much like a balloon seller.
And this is my fave.. my lil bro, with his "pool party" shirt (ikut theme kata dia) playing DJ with his no 1 fan at the back. haha.

hehe. You like? Me like! That's all folks!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

J's Chicken Pot Pies

I would like to share the recipe for my little chicken pot pies. There is only top crust used for the pies, so you have to use a spoon to scoop the filling. This recipe is for guidance only, there is no exact measurement. heheh. You just use your own instinct to adjust the amount to suit how many pies you want to make okay?

Some people thinks its hard to make pies, maybe because the tedious task of making the crust. If you didn't have the time, you can always buy the ready made crust. But for me, it is more "meaningful" to make everything with your own hands.

Chicken pie is one of my fave food, that is why I took the time to try making them on my own. As much as I love these pies, I rarely make them, I can say I only do it about once or twice a year because in my home, one pie is just not enough. hahaa. But I can say that it is one of my specialty *tehehehe* But i hope to make them more frequent since family and friends seem to enjoy them.

Usually I made the "big" pies, the one with double crust, but recently, I made the chicken pies for my nephew's birthday party so I decided to make the small ones for easy consumption. I only put on the top crust, too lazy to make extra crust for the bottoms, so you have to eat it with a spoon.

Since some of my friends have asked for the recipe, so here it is:

Short crust pastry


2 cups all purpose flour
2/3 cup of unsalted butter (straight out of refridgerator)
1/2 teaspoon salt
6-7 tablespoons of ice cold water


1. Combine flour and salt. Mixed them well.
2. Cut the butter in small cubes, about the size of peas and put in the flour
3. Rub the butter cubes and flour, use your fingers until they combined and look like grains or sand, something like that
4. Sprinkle ice cold water in the mixture and knead
5. Make into balls (depends on how big your pie is) and then roll them out

This recipe is for double crust pie, the normal pie dish (dont know the exact measurement). I used muffin/tart cups for my pies and only for the top crust and this recipe probably makes about 8 pieces.

Rolled out, ready to be put on the cups



1 cup of chopped large onions
5 cloves of chopped garlic
1 inch of ginger, chopped
1 cup carrots, diced
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup button mushroom
1 cup potatoes, diced
2-3 chicken breast, cut in cubes
milk (depends of how creamy you want the filling to be)
Some flour for thickening
Seasoning - salt & pepper, mixed herbs (i used the mccormick dried herbs)


1. Sauteed the onions, garlic and ginger until fragrant
2. Put in the chicken, cooked it well and then put the potatoes with some water to form a little gravy
3. When the potatoes are half cooked, put in carrots
4. lastly put in peas and mushrooms, mix everything well
5. Season with pepper, salt and mixed herbs, according to your taste
6. Put in about a cup of milk, adjust if necessary, depends on how thick or creamy you want the filling to be, but for pot pies i recommend it to be a little bit wet, like very thick soup
7. Combine some flour with water and pour into the filling, for the ingredients to stick with each other
8. Once everything is cooked, take the pot off the fire and let it cool down

To form the pot pies

You can use ramekins, (thanks Ngah for introducing me to this word hehe) or small bowl bakeware or you can use the aluminium muffin cups or tarts like me. Put in the filling until the brim, and then put the crust on top. Make tiny holes patterns (up to you) and then brush with egg yolk. Bake for about 30 minutes, until golden brown, in about 190 degree celcius oven.

Ready for baking, in the aluminium muffin cups

It's all golden brown and yummy! (this is the pies made with the tart aluminium moulds.

Happy baking friends! Good luck!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What the Ef?



My fave number right now is 33.


Lookie lookie...

That is, for those who didn't know him, is Mr. Tim Riggins (played by hottie Taylor Kitsch aka Gambit).

Yes, this is what has been keeping me up at nights. hahah. I am hooked on the Friday Night Lights now. Thanks to Hani, for introducing me to this series. I know I am a little but behind (they have finished their 3rd season). .. but oh well..but it's never too late, right? I'm done with season 1 in a week. hahaha. But I heard that the 4th season will be a long wait - summer next year... so I have lots of time to catch up!

Never thought that I'll be hooked on watching a show about guys playing American football. It first started because of Kitsch, but now, it is just not about him anymore (although I cannot lie that he is the main reason of watching the show hahahah).

I love the show, so far.... and I get goosebumps everytime they say "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!!" GOOOO PANTHERS! *cheer*

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fly High

Syaz has been excited about the kite she bought last Thursday and I was curious about it so I asked her what's up, suddenly this craze about kites. She said she want to try to fly a kite, since she saw people playing kites everyday on her way back from work. I was curious and I asked her to try out on Sunday after the Lenka show we planned to go.

We went to One Utama, I bought my kite at the Windancer (green t-rex haha! RM17 for the kite and RM3 for the strings) and also to see the show but after about 40 minutes (and a few pics) standing there, we decided to ditch the show since it was hot and felt like we better spend our time somewhere else. Actually I think, we both were a little too excited to try the kites than watching Lenka. Since it was a free show and we only knew one song, so we decided to leave. Well, we managed to take a few pic though.

Syaz & I
Phat Fabe and Ben from Flyfm Pagi Show.

We window shopped for awhile in OU and both were a little bit hungry, we decided to go to the wondermilk cafe in Damansara Utama to have a little snack and get out from OU. Syaz has been telling me about the place and finally I had the chance to try it. Read here for our little tea time snack.

Made a quick stop at Syaz's house for Asar prayers and then off we go to the MRR2, to head to the Metropolitan Park. I am not used to go to these parts of town, so I didn't know there is such a place. There were even signs saying "Kawasan Layang-Layang". Read here for more info.

As we approached the area, I saw little dots in the air, colourful kites, hovering above. Me & Syaz got excited in the car, made the uturn at the selayang/batu caves roundabout and made our way to the park. The only bummer was that the haze!!! If not, the sky would be blue and perfect! We reached the park at around 530pm. Both of us never tried to fly kite in our life, so both were a little bit nervous and shy. hehehe, but once we got our kites in the air, all the shyness gone! hahahah. We were like little kids, running around with our kites.

People at the park
Syaz, excited. haha
Me tying the strings to Mr Rex, my kite
Silly is our middle names haha
Syaz with her kite, can you see? The lady bug
Mr Rex!
Ladybug and Mr Rex, flying together. Yeay!
hahaha had fun with the kites!! I thought it would be hard to fly the kite, but after a few minutes, we were like pros haha (or not!)
Fly high!

I had a great time outdoors! Sure will do it again! Next time, maybe I'll bring my nephew and nieces along. hehehe. Wanna come?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

+ wondermilk shop & cafe

Finally I had the chance to go to the wondermilk cafe which I heard so much about, last weekend.

From the moment I stepped into the cafe, (or in fact from the view outside), I sort of like smittened with the place. hehehe. It is so quaint and unique. I love the mismatch furniture. It feels like you are in someone's home. And how can I not fell for the place, as I'm also greeted with cute looking cupcakes and the sweet cakes' aroma. *bliss*

Wondermilk offers simple dishes - sandwiches and baked potatoes and also drinks - hot & cold, and of course, various types of cupcakes! They also have coffee. I didn't really catch all the menu as the menu where written on top of the counter, like when you are in a fast food restaurant, so I can't stand there and gawk at the menu as there are other patrons behind me ehheheh.

The cupcakes counter
Cashier and drinks pick up counter
That's our order no. 9. Cute.
Me & Syaz - at our little corner, waiting for our snacks
Syaz posing with the counter at the background

While waiting for our food, we were caught up with looking at the unique deco and the knick knacks for sale.

Ain't those fairy lights a cutie? It is made with mini cupcakes/cookie cups. I am not too sure if they sell it cuz I didn't check.
Mix match furniture. I like! My drink on the table, Lemon Crush, i think it was called, like soda water with lemon, very refreshing, perfect for a hot day.
Cute eh?
Syaz's baked potato - with beef rashers & cheese topping, served with salad. Yummy potato but the salad's dressing was a little bit heavy & creamy. Hope they'll change the dressing since the potato is already heavy, the salad dressing should be simpler and light.
My sandwich - Pesto Chicken Suprise. YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!! Pesto chicken served with generous amount of salad, on somekind of grainy bread, toasted (which i LOVED!!! crispy) with a side of potato chips (which tasted like homemade I think). I love this sandwich and I would definitely recommend it.

What would a trip to Wondermilk be without those famous "cuppacakes" right? Since we were already full, we decided to have the cuppacakes to go. I picked the 4 Maxi cuppacakes - RM17. Each Maxi is priced at RM4.50 per piece.

Counterclock wise from left - something "Rainbow", Peanut butter chocolate, Lychee and Mashmallow. Out of these 4, I love the lychee and mashmallow.

Wondermilk is a little wonderful place, me think. A simple cafe, clean, quiet with various selection of cupcakes, pretty little knick knacks. Perfect for chit chatting with friends.

For more info about the cafe, click here.