Monday, June 29, 2009

Potterheadititis - Symptoms

One of the symptoms.


oh yeah, I'm a Gryffindor

Which house are you in?

Are you already suffering one of the symptoms?

Pretty cool poster eh? Even looking at this gave me goosebumps!

Michael Buble's song, Fever came to mind haha

The cure shall be available on 16th of July 2009.

And it is freakin soooooooooo long to wait!!!!

For the time being, enjoy the fever. hahah. Get one of those cute Jibbitz at the Crocs store near you. Me loving 'em. At the shop there is even a Dumbledore's Army Jibbitz. But here, they got the Sorting Hat. I want, but not in the shop I went to during the weekend. Would love to have it.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tagged Back By Ana

Ehh mana ada org kena tag pastu tag org yang mentag tu? ada ke? maybe ada la kot

tapi takpe.. maybe kak rose ni nak tag jan sebab nak jan ckp pasal dia kot... hahahaha

so anyway best gak cuz dpt award amazing blog ni 2 kali kan?? heheheh

tapi jawab first part je la.. khas utk kak rose.

copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang si pemberi award ini : Ana Malek aka Kak Rose

1. Mmg Jan panggil dia Kak Rose. Sebenarnya kak rose tu sebab menggambarkan fizikal dia. jarang ar jan nak panggil org thru fizikal dia.. tapi somehow lekat nama dia.. sebab semuanya dulu nama2 berdasarkan fizikal.. tapi dengan dia je yang lekat.. Kak Rus ("kurus")la sebenarnya ..kak rose tu nak sedapkan supaya tak menggambarkan fizikal. hahaha. I was Dek Dut.. ("dut" for gendut) hahaha pecah rahsia. oh well.. tuya was "kak bam" - bam for tembam, acedie was.. kak baab "baab" - debab.. liza was kak mon - mon for montel. hahaha abis sumer kuar rahsianye..

2. Dia ni rabun gile sebenarnya. hahahahahaha. kalau dia pakai spek.. mak aii.. mcm nerd! tapi all good kan kak rose kan?

3. mom for 3 kids.. serious part ni sampai skrg Jan pun tak percaya. dulu ingat lagi masa kat uni, dia dukung my nephew imran.. masa tu imran baru umur bulan2 la kot.. rasanya masa tu.. imran lagi besar dari dia.. hahahahaha.. tapi kecik2 pun now.. dah 3 dah anaknya..

4. mmg somehow role dia cam kakak sket la.. i dont have big sisters, so somehow.. bila org manjakan Jan ni, automatically jan akan jadi manja and org tu terus akan assume role sebagai kakak2 pada jan. i guess i am lucky to have friends watching over me.

5. i havent seen her for ages! huhuhh.. i think the last time was during her wedding. kan kak rose?? i never seen her children face to face. would love to meet up one day.

So there you go kak rose, your tag! :)

Have a good week!

A Lot of Things

I feel like it has been so long since I blogged. Lots of things happened, Michael Jackson has passed away, Farrah Fawcett too, I went to Lumut for work, saw Transformers twice already, celebrated my girlies' birthdays, lots and lots of eating too. hahahaha.

I hope I'll be back to my blogging mood soon. I am trying to build the mood right now.

So anyway, just thought of sharing, my friend Hani, introduced me to this one talented Malaysian, Zee Avi, which to my suprise is well known in the US right now. Pretty amazing eh? Malaysia Boleh!

Check out her songs on youtube. She was discovered through youtube. My faves so far are Bitter Heart, Honey Bee, Kantoi, Is This the End. She has this one song called Someone You Used to Know but it wasn't in the album. It's heartbreaking!

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kena Tag by Si Jawa

heheh dah lama kena tag ngan si Jawa tapi malas tul nak buat. tapi since hari ni saya pekerja yang mulia berkerja di hari sabtu, apa kata abis kan masa bertag. hahahaa. oh well here goes..

copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang si pemberi award ini : Jawa Jerman

1) belikan I DVD Sepi dah berkurun lama and mulia je simpankan sampai skrg tak amik2 hahahaha (tapi tak tau la kalau dia sedekah kat org lain) heheh

2) dia hemsem sket ar dari brad pitt, sket je la, skeett je.

3) kata dia masa dia kecik2 dia selalu main rounders ngan justin timberlake

4) dia ni agak fani la.. kadang2 mmg fani tapi kadang2 rasa nak panggg je. hahaha.

5) dia sabar menunggu i belanja. ntah bila ntah agaknya. jom meh tgk transformers meh.

Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta ataupun hobi diri sendiri

1) enjoy makan2. hahaha tgk no 1 ni.. suka gi stalk org nyer food blog, suka try kedai baru..
2) suka tangkap gambar.. mana2 je la. tapi tgk mood ar gak
3) suka tgk lelaki hemsem esp artis omputih hahaha
4) gile harry potter
5) suka music
6) ulat buku (kalau ada time ar)
7) suka masak (berkaitan makanan lagi)
8) suka bersuka suka
9) kat rumah org panggil 'bobo'
10) i percaya bahawa keanu reeves tak kawin lagi sebab dia tunggu i

Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka

1) bubuk : sure nanges tengah teringat2 cincin dia tgk semalam kat sale habib kat klcc hahahaha
2) salpaninot : seorg yang sgt suka kan pink sampai gi bandung tangkap gambar ngan kuda rambut pink! hahaha. i loike!
3) yongkie : kawan ku yang bertukar menjadi kakak ipar..
4) anna : dia duduk kat rumah no 4 kat kuantan
5) nomy : ada phone baru yang menjadi idaman ku hehehe
6) pootz: dia ni boss saya sebenarnya hehehe. hi boss! PEACE!

haha tak cukup 10. yang kena tag, suka hati la nak buat ke tak.. hihihihi. kalau buat best gak la leh baca. ok ciao!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am not going to deny it anymore. Hahahaha. Zac Efron is hot. *blushes* ok ok… I used to, ya know hate him a little bit (I blamed it on the HSM hype) but now.. dayyyumm.. he is just, oh-so-yummy. His pants might be a lil’ bit tight, his hair might be a lil’ bit girly, but daaayyumm.. hahahahah I love his piercing blue eyes too. *dreamy*.


Went to see 17 Again with Ain last night, and I think all we did was ooh and aahing, sighing, elbowing each other, giggling like a bunch of tweens. I don’t even care that the movie was a lil’ bit shallow on the storyline, didn’t matter cuz all we want to see is Zac. Hahahhaa. I don’t mind seeing it again too. LOL!!! Jom wei! Hahaha.

Damn he is hot.

17 Again is now playing in our cinemas. Get a dose of Zac at the cinemas near you. LOL.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Trip to Kota Bharu

I spent 5 days and 4 nights in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. One of the longest time I stayed there.

Both my parents was born and bred in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. But when they got married, and my father was in service in the army, they moved around a lot and somehow we ended up based in KL/Selangor. Going back to Kelantan is a rare occasion for me. The last time I went back was about nearly 2 years ago, for my cousin's wedding.

I didn't take a lot of pictures because, well, no one to take my pictures and I was a little bit shy to take out my camera there.

So anyway, I did manage to snap a few interesting pictures to share about what i did during my trip which I think showed a little bit of Kelantan identity.

A must when you are in Kelantan, visiting the goldsmith. The gold are priced lower and better quality. This is our fave goldsmith's place.. Wan Hussin and that's the owner in white, whom we called We Ne (probably his name is wan adnan i am not so sure haha), pretty handsome hahaah but married :P. More handsome since he is the owner hahahahaha. His shop is in front of the Buluh Kubu shopping place.

I found this lady selling traditional Kelantanese food, etok (a type of clams which you eat as snacks)in front of a restaurant selling Nasi Sumatera, try the nasi sumatera at hover restaurant, it is yummy!
ranges of kuihs (our dessert, cakes, usually eaten at breakfast and teatime) at the wet market in Kubang Pasu. Better be early or you might miss some of those special ones

I also visited a relative's batik store and workshop. Ordered a couple of batik for myself but it's not ready yet. can't wait. If you happen to be in KB, drop by Jantique, it is located in front of the New Pacific Hotel.
Batik, in the making. More info on Batik, click here.

You don't need to go to Trafalgar Square to feed the pigeons. Come to my aunt and uncle's house... there are these friendly birds eagerly waiting for food. They are flying, cuz I scare them away. lol.
The famous Pasar Siti Khadijah, a wet/dry market of all kinds of stuff, ranging from meat to veggies, to dry herbs to food, to clothes especially textiles

My mom at my dad's cousin shop...
look at those batik, and colours! pretty eh? Among the stuffs sold at the shop
Some of the stuffs sold at the food/groceries floor..
Selling the beef/chicken/fish floss.. which we called "serunding" here, but in kelantan, it is known as "sambal daging or ikan or ayam"
Trishaw, still being used as a mode of transportation in town. They called it "taxi"
On my last night, my aunt wanted me to have a taste of the fresh seafood, so she bought really huge and freshest prawns and squids at Kampung Cina, which I grilled to perfection. YUMMMMMYYY

I wish I took all kinds of food I had there, but maybe next time, ok?

I loved my trip to KB this time, even though the place was packed since its the school holidays (tip: avoid coming here during these holidays), I think it gave me a chance to spend time with my parents and the elders in my family. Visiting the relatives here also makes me reflect my own life and be thankful with what I have.. When i was young, i didnt really appreciate when I visited KB, but as I grow up, I appreciate and embrace it more, because it is where my roots are.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pics From Dik's Birthday Bash

I am going to leave you with these pics while I am away in Kota Bahru, Kelantan.


Thhhhhhatttttt's all folks! More pics, visit my facebook!

Italiannies @ The Gardens

One thing I like Italiannies is because their portions are huge!! Their motto is about sharing. They even have a part of the menu to cater for large parties (a dish is for 4-6 people).

During Dik's birthday, there were about 14 of us. I took charge in ordering, and I ordered dishes for sharing. I ordered 2 types of pasta - Salmon Fettucine and Shrimp Linguine, 2 types of pizza - Classic and the one with beef topping (couldnt remember hahah), fried calamari, a chicken dish - Chicken Milanese (grilled chicken breasts in creamy sauce) and from the salad menu - Californian Shrimp Salad and from the appertiser's a dish called Quattro (a combination of a few started which i cant identify hahahaha), and also a New York Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert to share.

At first I thought it was not enough, but when the food came, I was delighted that the amount was just nice.

I didn't take much pics though since was busy having fun, but my cousin managed to snap a few and I have a few too.

Let's drool now.. I am hungry looking at this! hahah

Salmon Fettucine - fettucine tossed in creamy sauce, with salmon pieces. nice!
Cheesecake with yummy strawberry sauce. Wiped out in seconds!
The yummy Shrimp Linguine.. in tomato sauce, with HUGE shrimps! lOVED IT!
The appertiser platter, Quattro. Not sure what are those cuz the plate didn't come to us. lol. Just had the "ball" thingy. Cheesy stuff. Not great.
Awesome Californian Shrimp Salad.. there were grilled shrimps, orange and mangoes pieces.. very light and fresh citrusy dresssing
The fried calmari.. usual stuff.. nicely crispy

I will most definitely come back here for the nice ambience, great food. Probably would wanna to come with smaller party so I can savour the food a little bit more. HAHAHAH..

The damage, including drinks, around RM460+. Just about RM35 each. Not bad huh?


Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Lunch Date

Went out with my girls from work (except Pootz cuz she had prior appointment) and Syir for lunch. Originally Syir texted me last night to meet up because she wanted to return my Twilight book and lent me her Angels & Demons. But earlier this morning she called and told me that she left it at home and asked if I want to postpone the date. Told her the book can wait, and I got no plans for lunch so why don't we just meet up. We decided to meet in Delifrance since Lynn just had her braces on and on a soft diet and Delifrance got quite a number of soup choices.

Lynn on her second day of wearing braces.. having a hard time eating. hahah we couldn't help but tease her. Peace! hehehe

Lynn and Syir, looking lovely

Although the time spent was limited, but it was great just to hang out and catch up and took pics. hahaa.

Kak N & me

peace y'all
My kakaks heheh

Have a lovely weekend loves, I will be away to Kota Bharu, Kelantan from tomorrow until Wednesday.. balik kampung siot! hahahahah. Just me, mama papa and aunt. Jadi anak manja lah. hahaha muaahhhh

Talk soon! muah!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dik's 26th Birthday Bash @ Italiannies, The Gardens

Had an awesome time at Dik’s 26th birthday celebration at the Italiannies, The Gardens, last night.

Chot & Ain while hanging out before the dinner

Dropped by at Delectable, Su-Yin's cute and charming little shop. She was in the shop but was too shy to approach her! i am a big fan! heheh maybe next time!

The food was phenomenal. Hahaha. I know phenomenal is such a big word but that was how I felt the food tasted last night, especially the shrimp linguine. There were 14 of us – myself, Ain, Chot, my cousins – Kak Eja, Wawa & Didi, Birthday boy, his girl Liz, his officemate the cool Nab, and his usual friends, Bex, Yoi, Haz, Shay and Awin.

We were crazy, as usual, made a lot of noise (sorry other patrons!)… and those who came in expected to be in a quiet, romantic environment.. SORRY!!!... I know we were so noisy last night but we couldn’t help ourselves lah! Heheheheh. btw, I love Italiannies, The Gardens, it looked great, much nicer than the one in The Curve. It looked more exclusive and very spacious.

There were some hiccups in the plan such as the birthday boy came in earlier than half of the guests who were supposed to be waiting for him and surprise him …. We were the ones who were surprised seeing him came in earlier than expected (apa la liz!!) hahahahaa. Next time, IF lah kan there will be a next time, make sure you are punctual guys!! Spoil jer! But anyway, never mind lah since we had a great time and the food was great and I think the birthday boy was also surprised (I think) seeing us and his friends and he seemed like he was happy and having a great time.

My awesome cousins
with Liz and bday boy

We like our new friend, Nab hehehehe, such a friendly and cool girl.. she came in on her own early, joined us, and made herself comfy (we like we like) and she brought party favours with her – party hats and those blowing thingy (we like we like hehe)… I bought some party hats earlier too but hers was nicer!! Bright colours and glitters! We like glitters! Hehee. So then we happily chose our party hats and wore it throughout the party.

Chot and Ain with their party hats

us with Nab, L-R: Nab, myself, Kak Eja, Wawa

I made a special request to the restaurant, asking them to make a special pizza, with HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEROZ written on it with the topping. When I called them prior to the party, the manager said she never had such a request before and she’ll check with the chef. Then she came back and informed that the chef is willing to do it and they recommend to do it with Classic Pizza. So at the restaurant, I double checked and ordered it and asked them to bring it with a candle and sing happy birthday later during dinner. I LOVE how the pizza turn out and THANKS a lot to the guys in Italiannies, The Gardens for being such a sport. They came with the pizza and asked the birthday boy to make a wish and then we all sing together, they also wished happy birthday to the birthday boy and shake hands. I think the service was great (though the food came in a little bit slow for my liking) but the waiters are pleasant, friendly, very nice and very helpful.

The customised pizza. Cool eh?
Birthday boy with the pizza
Italiannies' staffs singing happy birthday

I will make a separate entry for the food and restaurant review, for now, I am satisfied with everything turned out, had a super great time!!!

We love our shrimp linguine. heheh
the yummy cheesecake

Happy birthday Dik, hope you had a great time, wish you a long live and semoga diberkati Allah dan sentiasa di murah kan rezeki. Amin. I love ya!

To the rest of you who made the event a success, thank you, you guys are the best and love ya!!

p/s: pics will be put in later. Hehehe. No cable and most of the pics are in my cousin’s camera. GREAT PICS! Can’t wait to share. hehee. Have a good day! Muaaahh xoxo.