Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon Un-Official Premiere


Why it is called un-official?? Maybe because it is organised by fans for fans. Not those premiere for press etc. Official release of New Moon in Malaysia is today, 26th NOvember 2009. I had the chance to see it last night, thanks to Twilighters Malaysia.

Compared to the one I attended for Twilight, this one was waaaaaaaaaaaaaayy better. I guess because everyone is a fan, and very sporting. Definitely will go again for Eclipse!

About the movie? Oh yeah, slow but lovely. and watch out for those washboard ABs! something to drool on. hahaahhaahha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all.

*updated 24th January 2010. I've seen it 4 times. Absolutely bonkers for Jacob. lol.
*added pics 24th January 2010.

Very excited looking us! hahah.
With my uni friend, Fara whom is also a big fan
See what Twilight can do? Bringing old friends together! Ain hadn't seen her friend for 9 years!
Showing off the cupcake (part of the goodie bag)
Skinny Jacob. lol.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I love songs that makes me dreamy.

Songs that takes me away for few minutes to another world, where all the issues I am having sort of being forgotten for that few minutes.

Ya know?

And that song at the moment is "Fireflies" by Owl City. If you didn't know the song, go to youtube and find the vid. Tell me if you like it ok?

I don't know why I like the song so much but when I heard it, it gave me this happy feeling and I imagined myself on a fast train, looking out the beautiful world outside, leaving the-not-so-nice feeling behind. Just for that moment...

And, oh yes, Happy birthday to my friend Anna. Have a wonderful birthday sweetie.


I think this is a beautiful picture. I love the blueness. Photo taken from here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ain's Bachelorette Party

GIRLY, FAB AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More pics soon!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Lil Buddies

Pootz suprised me with these this morning.

~~ wwwwwwweeeee me likey!! hahahaha

My fave : the owl!!

How cute it that? hehehe

Friday, November 13, 2009

Buble Bubble

Buble has done it again.

He took my heart and squeezes it tight and broke my heart.


Because everytime I listen to his songs, he makes me want to be in love. To feel what he is feeling in his songs or okay I confess, imagine being someone in his life, where he serenaded me. hihihihi. His voice is arrrghh is just too perfect, he makes my heart beats lil’ bit too fast and gave me goosebumps… he makes my heart goes warm and fuzzy and loved like hot chocolate on a cold rainy day but sometimes he also makes me cry, heartbroken, when he sang about those sad songs.

You know how I was in love with that song “Haven’t Met You Yet” and now I am in love with his new album like his other albums. This man just got this power of melting my heart with his voice. Hihi.

I am listening to this one song called “At This Moment” from his latest album. Oh my dear, it was so heartbreaking. In the song, he was singing about his feelings when his girlfriend told him that she doesn’t love him anymore. He sang “did you think I could hate you or raise my hands to you.. oh come on you know me too well.. how could I hurt you.. when darling I love you.. and you know, I would never hurt you..” and at the end of the song he even said that he will miss the girl. He accepted the fact that the girl is leaving him and there’s nothing much he can do, right, ya know, except letting her go and he would never do anything to hurt the girl, even though the girl broke his heart. How sad is that? Ok, I know, this is just a song, and I always get carried away… but ah ya know what I mean? Hihi.

So, just to let you know that. :p

Oh btw, other song I am absolutely smitten with are Crazy Love and All I do is dream of you.

Hehe you go do what you do and let me be in my Buble bubble for a moment kay?

Luv u! muaaaaaaaahhh

I think this is one of my fave images. I think I have posted a few times, using this pic.. in my old blog too (now non-existent so don't look out for it hehe).. I just love the simplicity and the innocence.. and see that girl, look into her eyes, she looked so sad. My heart goes "awwww" everytime I see this pic. (Yeah ok.. I am an easily person person! yes i know! :P) To the owner of this pic, I thank you :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Last Ride

Tomorrow will the last carpool ride (home-work-home) with Ain. Tomorrow will be Ain's last day working in KL. I have been carpooling with Ain most part of this year.

And right now, I can imagine how boring my going to and back from work going to be starting the day after tomorrow.



This is also the start of our separation *sob*sob*. Ain is also getting married this December.

I can't imagine going through the days without seeing her. Since we meet everyday, even a couple of days separation makes me miss her and can't wait to see her to catch up on the on goings that happened while we were away. Starting the day after tomorrow, I have to prepare myself and adjust that I won't be seeing her every day and that catching just have to wait. *sob*

We will have to set a date to meet. Huwaaaaa not like right now, we see each other every single day.. kalau nak ckp, kalau nak muak tu boleh la tapi tak muak2.. hehehe. We go to work together then we emailed each other the whole day at work then, meet again to go home.

*let me sulk for a little while and get used to this thing in my head*

Ain, I am going to miss you hell-lot!!!

Love you!


This pic was one of our earliest rides together... going to Colbie Caillat showcase in March 2008

I Miss Me

I don't like the person I have become these days.

I am usually a happy merry person. I laughed a lot, I get amused easily, I am generally happy. Most of the time.

These days, I have been in these unstable moods, I cry most of the time. And the most sad thing is that, this version of "me" happened when I am at work. Although I tried as much as I can to not let work gets to me, sometimes, it just did.. How can I not? About 40% of each day is spent at work. But then again, when I thought about it, I feel this way when the boss is around. HAHHAHAHAHA. Anyway, it's not that I don't laugh anymore or are not happy.. but the feeling didn't last long. I enjoyed the moment, had fun but then, it's over when I thought about going to work. Every Sunday, I would be wishing for the next weekend to come by soon. That's not the way it should be. I feel defeated. Because I can't move. Idle. Same.

I long for change.

So anyway, the best thing I have at work are my friends. They are the best group of friends you can ever ask for. They are not only friends, but I can say that they are like sisters to me. Always there for me, listening to me, trying to cheer me up when I am down. They are the only ones that makes me feel sane and continue swimming in that ocean of icky stuff. They are the ones I think dragging myself to work worthy. I thank you my friends (you know who you are).

Sometimes I think that I should venture into something new, into something that I have passion in. This I have in my heart and at the back of my head and I hope one day it will all come true.

I hope this is just a phase (but I have been in this phase for more than a couple of months already) and it will go away soon, pleaseeeee. I am tired of being this version of me. I miss the old me.

*Wishing for rainbows and sunshine*

Monday, November 9, 2009

Love Lives Forever

Yesterday I went on a quick trip to Melaka (again - the previous weekend I also went to Melaka with Ain for a little get away which I will post later). However yesterday I went to Melaka with my parents and my aunt. The purpose was to visit a relative that just got out from hospital from a heart attack.

I was in a bad mood because it was unplanned and of all people, it was always me that has to go. I thought I want to spend my Sunday relaxing at home. My dad said I didn't have to go I don't to but would I left them going the alone, of course not.

I was quiet in the car (show of rebellion hahah) but eventually the bad mood vanished our as we spent time in the car. As we reached the intended destination, it was always an eye opener being with the elders. I was the only one aged below 60 year old. hehehe

The couple we visited aged I don't know probably 80 plus? They are my aunt's uncles and dad. My aunt and my dad are step siblings. So anyway, I will refer to them as Great Aunt and Great Uncle.

I think I love looking at old people. As an observer than a participant, I enjoyed looking and listening to these precious people. I didn't have much expereince with old people because my family is quite "young".

However the best thing I observed was that how they care for each other. They are still in love with each other. They were sweet and soft spoken towards each other. I sat in front of them while having lunch and I was drawn to them, as both minds are still working well (they were both teachers in their prime days). Both are very wrinkled but eventhough they have the illnesses, they still look strong when speaking.

When we finished lunch, as I was doing the dishes, I saw the Great Uncle was assiting the Great Aunt getting into her wheel chair. Let me tell you, the Great Uncle was not much better than the Great Aunt but the way he helped the Great Aunt made me smile. He was careful, making sure his lady was sitted comfortably and then pushed her to the living room.

Well the emotional me of course choked up a little bit because, this is the kind of love that I hope to find one day. Be with the one you love until the old age, taking care of each other, growing old together. It doesn't really matter how you look like anymore, because both are out of shape already, wrinkled but the love still lives on and the most important is the person beside you, some one you spend your whole life with.

Would I find a love like this?


Andddd.. I felt glad that I accompanied my parents and aunt (and felt a little bit guilty for my rude protest eheh), because I got to spend time with the elders and also see the simple act of love.