Sunday, December 12, 2010


Alhamdulillah, I'm 33 years old now.

Some people sigh for adding numbers to their age.. for me, it's a blessing for being "allowed" to live 33 years already. With all prayers, may we all be around long enough to have many more birthdays.

I wish for than good health, good fortune, and always surrounded by my loved ones.

Thank you for all your prayers :)

Oh, how can I forget the priceless "trending party" my friends did for me on twitter. lol. it may not reached the trending list, but, this tops on my list. Check out some of the trending "birthday jan" i screencapped.

Thanks my dear @lizipohmali @mirs_ana


  1. hhaha u wore the pink one!! and suit u well! ekeke
    the red look so garang on ur brday..ekeke altho the brdy cake was in red indeed! eekekek!!!
    Happy Bilated Birthday!!!! ekekek

  2. hehe yeah thanks to the votes :)

    thanks for the bday wish :P